Customer video: Perform[cb] and WorkTango [Formerly Kazoo]

Times have changed, and so has our company name—from Kazoo to WorkTango. With our recent acquisition and expansion to a holistic Employee Experience Platform, Kazoo is now known as WorkTango. You’ll read and hear customers referring to us as Kazoo in materials released prior to the change, but rest assured we still offer the same quality products and services, just with a new name.

“In a year where everyone felt disconnected and the world was changing before our eyes, Kazoo [now WorkTango] gave us a way to stay closely connected with each other,” says Ami DeWille, Vice President of Marketing at Perform[cb]. “It helped us feel closer as a team.”

Check out this short video to learn how Perform[cb] used Kazoo’s [now WorkTango] Recognition & Rewards to:

  • Keep the team connected virtually throughout the pandemic
  • Unify global offices and workers through mergers and acquisitions
  • Boost morale, engagement, and culture

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