Measure and improve with Employee Engagement Surveys

Measure employee engagement and support organizational change by gathering employee feedback with Surveys & Insights from WorkTango.

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Configure surveys for your unique needs

  • Deploy unlimited surveys on any topic: employee engagement, DE&I, wellness, onboarding and exit, and more
  • Save time with WorkTango’s validated Engagement Survey Methodology and pre-configured survey question templates designed by I/O Psychologists
  • Measure and compare engagement metrics to industry benchmarks to identify strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement
  • Transition questions and data from your previous vendor to WorkTango for seamless trend analysis

Create a frictionless survey experience

  • Provide a frictionless survey experience for your employees – no additional accounts or apps needed
  • Deliver surveys via email or kiosk to include every employee (including those with or without email addresses), no matter where or how they work
  • Encourage honest employee feedback with WorkTango’s confidential Employee Promise
  • Connect your HRIS to upload employee attributes into the WorkTango platform ahead of fielding surveys to cut down on repetitive demographic questions

Access real-time actionable insights

Visualize real-time sentiment and themes from employee comments

  • Gather qualitative feedback in an intuitive way to support action
  • Visualize open-text survey responses in a Sentiment Cloud to identify themes easily
  • Respond to employee comments with Anonymous Conversations to gain deeper insights and ensure team members feel heard

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