Make it easy for leaders to create a great employee experience with Leader Tools

WorkTango helps busy managers and leaders understand the employee experience and boost engagement and performance through dedicated leader tools.

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Help leaders and managers recognize & reward their teams

  • Empower leaders to stay on top of employee engagement and create a team culture of appreciation through public or private recognition
  • Provide managers and leaders with insight into which of their employees are being recognized (and for what) through a public newsfeed and a robust Engagement Insights Dashboard
  • Enable managers to build a continuous, always-on feedback loop within the platform to help employees grow

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Celebrate major milestones and amplify existing recognitions

  • Ensure managers never miss important employee milestones with automated milestone celebrations (i.e. years of service, birthdays)
  • Run team-specific nominations and awards right within the WorkTango platform
  • Easily show support for other employee recognitions with minimal lift with High-Fives and Comments
  • Drive results that matter to individual teams such as quarterly goal attainment or employee referrals with Incentives

Create a culture of continuous feedback and employee listening

  • Make it easy for leaders to collect diagnostic feedback across the employee lifecycle with customizable survey templates for any purpose
  • Equip leaders with WorkTango’s Employee Promise to encourage authentic feedback and high survey participation rates
  • Empower leaders to respond to survey comments with Anonymous Conversations to ensure employees feel heard yet stay anonymous

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Help managers gain insights into employee sentiment and engagement

  • Give leaders access to real-time dashboards specific to their team or department so they can understand real-time team sentiment and visualize trends compared to the rest of the organization
  • Help leaders and managers take action on specific issues that surfaced in employee surveys through recommended Action Plans
  • Give leaders access to Learning Coach to help them continue their professional development

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