Create a continuous culture of recognition with WorkTango

Build a culture of appreciation by enabling employees to recognize their colleagues at any time, from anywhere with WorkTango.

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Create a continuous culture of recognition with WorkTango

Run your employee recognition program with less effort and fewer costs

  • Run your Employee Recognition program with or without associated Rewards, points or tokens
  • Track program participation within the platform and view recognition data and insights by department, location, job role, or any other field from your people data
  • Offer zero-cost rewards or charitable contributions only
  • Create an effortless, scaleable culture of employee recognition with automated Years of Service Awards, employee anniversaries, and milestone celebrations

Enhance the Employee Experience with Social Recognition

  • Create a culture of appreciation with visible peer-to-peer, bottom-up, and top-down recognition
  • Tag recognitions with values to reinforce core company values with new hires and remote employees
  • Drive participation in company-wide initiatives through the use of employee Incentives
  • Run peer nominations and awards through WorkTango to streamline program management and boost participation

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Recognize employees within the flow of work

  • Eliminate barriers by integrating recognition into the daily workflow of employees (i.e. Slack, Microsoft Teams, Outlook)
  • Effortlessly keep all your employee data in sync by connecting your HRIS to WorkTango
  • Use WorkTango’s Mobile App to support recognition on-the-go, available on Android or Apple
  • Display recognition activities on any screen, including television monitors, to amplify recognition in offline work environments transforms culture with Employee Recognition & Rewards

As a result of’s manager engagement efforts, managers achieved an impressive 85.7% platform engagement rate in 2023.

Generate and view actionable insights with ease

  • Spend just minutes per week administrating your organization’s recognition and rewards activities within a single platform
  • Empower managers and leaders with insight into which of their employees are being recognized through  a robust Engagement Insights Dashboard
  • Identify key culture influencers, cross-functional communicators, and future leaders with recognition data

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