Employee Engagement Benchmarks

Compare employee engagement at your organization against similar companies to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement.

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See how your company’s engagement compares to external benchmarks

  • Compare results with those of organizations in similar industries, of similar size, or in your Country or Region
  • Compare your organization’s results to best-in-class WorkTango customers scoring in the Top Quartile
  • Understand the total number of organizations included in benchmarks with clear (n = ) in-platform labels
  • Enable leaders to compare team results to the whole organization or map custom questions to WorkTango benchmarks

Leverage benchmarks as key targets for your organization

  • Use benchmarks to demonstrate the need for employee experience programs and secure executive buy-in
  • Enable leaders with benchmark data and equip them with recommended Action Plans to drive change
  • Measure the effectiveness of leadership actions through company scores and compare performance against benchmarks

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