The most holistic Employee Experience Platform

WorkTango is the only EX Platform that enables meaningful recognition & rewards, offers actionable insights through employee surveys, and supports alignment through goal setting & feedback - to create an environment where all employees can thrive.

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Everything you need to improve the Employee Experience

Actions are directed by insights from employee surveys. Build accountability and alignment on actions with goals & feedback.

Desired behaviors are amplified through recognition. Re-measure employee sentiment to understand impact and inform future actions.



Recognition & Rewards

Amplify and incentivize key values and behaviors

  • Public or private recognition in any direction, with or without reward points 
  • Let your employees choose their rewards from the Employee Rewards Marketplace filled with products, experiences, and more from popular brands such as Apple and Amazon
  • Custom recognition to support peer-nominated awards and automated milestone celebrations (i.e. years of service, birthdays) 
  • Drive key company behaviors such as wellness, learning and professional development, and employee referrals with Incentives 
  • Build a culture of appreciation and ensure key values and purpose permeate to all current and new employees in any environment (in office or remote) 

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Surveys & Insights

Measure engagement & get authentic feedback to support action

  • Unlimited surveys and customizable questions across the entire employee lifecycle
  • Role-based dashboards with trends, heat maps and insights by any employee attribute 
  • Predictive analytics with recommended actions for leaders 
  • Sentiment clouds and themes from employee comments in real-time

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Goals & Feedback

Champion employee success with continuous alignment conversations

  • Enable leaders to focus on employee success with 1:1 discussions and Sync-Ups
  • Goal setting, tracking, and alignment with easy-to-use Goals & OKRs 
  • Structured Check-In conversations at your desired cadence; pull in Goals and Recognition to support growth discussions 
  • Customizable templates for giving, receiving, and requesting feedback


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“The employee experience is now more important than ever. To advance in this critical area we’ve been using WorkTango to drive a culture of recognition, to gain insights into the voice of our employees, and put insights directly into the hands of our managers.” 

– Cyndi Garnett, VP HR, BraunAbility

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