Turn employee listening into actionable insights.

Gain real-time actionable insights to support a better employee experience with Surveys & Insights from WorkTango.

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Gain access to a powerful insights engine

  • View intuitive, real-time dashboards that are easy to interpret and share and contain powerful insights and trends
  • Take advantage of role-based dashboards for executives, HR leaders and managers
  • Compare and rank employee feedback across all parts of your organization to identify high-potential or problem areas
  • Leverage benchmarks across industry, size, region and more to contextualize employee sentiment and empower data-driven decision-making
  • Move beyond data viewing with recommended actions and Action Plans

Inspire action with Leadership Dashboards

  • Gain real-time insights through manager dashboards and enable leaders to see team member sentiment
  • See a Summary of Responses in one view for easy access and interpretation
  • View Key Trends from previous surveys to highlight major changes and identify high or low scores compared to the rest of the organization
  • Identify Key Focus Areas based on impact analysis with links to suggested learnings and Actions

Export Insights in usable formats, including PPTs

  • Download one-click PowerPoint Summary Reports for HR or leaders to make it easy to summarize key data points
  • Download any report or view in Excel for additional analysis while keeping employee confidentiality 
  • Export bar charts, heat maps, and all visualizations drawn in Excel charts for future use

Visualize real-time sentiment and themes from employee comments

  • Gather qualitative feedback in an intuitive way to support action
  • See employee sentiment from all qualitative feedback and easily identify themes
  • Respond to employee comments with Anonymous Conversations to gain deeper insights and ensure team members feel heard

Gain flexibility with sophisticated access provisioning

  • Grant permissions for access to specific employees and filters
  • Offer custom Survey Types with different configurations such as confidentiality thresholds and reporting access levels
  • Customize who can manage administrative rights, send surveys, view benchmarks and more


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