Create an extraordinary employee experience for education employees

WorkTango’s award-winning employee experience solution helps education institutions transform their culture and create highly engaged workforces.

The EX Platform of choice for education institutions

“WorkTango has become an immediate catalyst for solidifying our community. From the moment we turned WorkTango on, it immediately made the boundless virtual environment that we’re in feel like it was immediately smaller and closer-knit.”
Matthew Brown,  Chief People & Culture Officer,  Schoox

Recognition & Rewards

Amplify and incentivize key values and behaviors for your education employees

  • Build a culture of appreciation and ensure key values permeate to all employees in any environment (in the classroom, in the office, or anywhere in between)
  • Encourage employees, managers, and executives to send public or private recognition, with or without points
  • Let your employees choose their rewards from the Employee Rewards Marketplace filled with products, experiences, and more from popular brands such as Apple and Amazon
  • Drive key company behaviors such as wellness, professional development, and employee referrals with Incentives
  • Customize recognition to support peer-nominated awards and automated milestone celebrations (i.e. years of service, birthdays)

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Surveys & Insights

Turn insights into action across the entire education employee lifecycle

  • Get diagnostic feedback across the entire employee lifecycle with customizable survey templates for onboarding, engagement, development, DE&I, and off-boarding
  • Analyze trends and identify key focus areas for your educational institution
  • Measure engagement by group, location, department, team and more
  • View actionable insights leadership can use to improve company culture and employee NPS
  • Automatically generate Action Plans to help improve the specific issues surfaced in surveys

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Employee Engagement

Measure and improve employee alignment and engagement

  • Give all education employees a voice – through customizable surveys that can be completed on any device, from anywhere
  • Measure engagement with research-backed questions, or customize to keep historical trends
  • Respond to comments with Anonymous Conversations to ensure employees feel heard
  • Support confidentiality, authentic feedback and high participation rates with our Employee Promise

Employee Experience Resources

WorkTango Employee Experience Platform

Looking for a holistic solution to measure and improve
Employee Engagement?

WorkTango is the only holistic Employee Experience Platform built for nonprofits that enables meaningful recognition and rewards, offers actionable insights through employee surveys, and supports alignment through goal setting and feedback.

WorkTango is built for the workplace we all want to be a part of – where priorities become clear, achievements are celebrated, and employees have a voice.

“I think WorkTango is a great way to recognize colleagues in your office and across campus for the great things they are doing and to brighten their days. It is a positive reflection on our excellent employees in Advancement.”
WorkTango User,  University of Illinois,  Advancement Department
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