Empower your leaders to drive change with Action Plans

Help leaders take meaningful action based on employee feedback from surveys with Action Planning.

Enable leaders with tailored insights

  • Offer real-time insights through Manager Dashboards to equip leaders to see sentiment of team members
  • Access Summary of Responses within a single view for easy interpretation
  • View key trends from previous surveys to highlight major changes and compare certain groups with the broader organization
  • Provide leaders with access to WorkTango’s robust Dashboards & Insights based on defined permissions

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Create accountability for leaders to act on what matters

  • View AI-recommended actions based on employee survey scores
  • Assign and Track actions in the Action Planning suite to keep leaders accountable for change
  • Add flexibility to recommendations – allow HR or leaders to create custom action items or assign them to others

Educate and upskill leaders with Recommended Learning

  • View Suggested Content based on employee survey responses to key factors and questions
  • Access Learning Content, including articles and videos from credible sources
  • Visit the Self-Access Resource Library, where leaders can search for specific learnings and actions using keywords or categories

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