Support hybrid and remote work with WorkTango

Gain a better understanding of teams and overall trends within your workforce to improve the overall employee experience.

Build close-knit teams, no matter where they work

  • Gain visibility into victories big and small with WorkTango’s public Recognition & Rewards features and social Activity Feed
  • Celebrate birthdays, reward career milestones, and vote on Nominations & Awards
  • Put names to faces for all employees with a comprehensive People Directory
  • Let your employees choose rewards from the Employee Rewards Marketplace filled with products, experiences, and more from popular brands such as Apple and Amazon

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Discover how OneStream built an always-on culture of recognition across 18 countries with WorkTango

Focus on employee growth

  • Encourage ongoing learning and development from anywhere with custom Incentives
  • Boost interaction with employee Feedback to support a culture of open communication and collective growth
  • Equip managers with the tools they need to create high-performing, engaged teams, no matter where or how those teams are working.

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“I would 100% absolutely recommend WorkTango to any company that is existing in a remote or virtual space. Even if you're a company with an office and you have remote employees, there's a tie-in that happens that you're not going to find many places outside of it.”
Ryan Hill,  Vibe Manager,  Perform[cb]

Discover and resolve challenges for remote and hybrid employees

  • Give all employees a voice with easy-to-use and unlimited Surveys that can be completed on any device
  • Get feedback from employees in real-time to identify any challenges they might face in a remote environment
  • Compare data, see trends, and rank feedback by any part of your business
  • Access people analytics, benchmarks and AI-based Recommendations to help guide future workplace decisions

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