Employee Incentives that support organizational goals

Amplify organizational goals, professional development, and foster well-being - while achieving unparalleled ROI

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Drive results with purpose

  • Empower employees to earn reward points for activities that drive company objectives, core values, or actions that help your employees and business succeed
  • Easily create, customize, and manage Incentives with just a few clicks – or delegate catalog management to company leaders
  • Select from and set up a wide variety of Incentives quickly with pre-configured Incentives Templates
  • Safeguard your budget with a claim cap limit and easy-to-use impact calculator
  • Schedule Incentives in advance to streamline your workflow
  • Track Incentives program performance, motivate your team, and achieve outstanding results with purpose-driven Incentives aligned to your company’s vision

Incentivize actions aligned with business goals

  • Build alignment and reward actions that contribute to key initiatives
  • Incentivize employee participation in open enrollment, compliance training, surveys
  • Reward team strategic wins, such as acquisitions, major product launches, and key business milestones

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Create a strong company culture built on shared values

  • Incentives help keep your employees aligned and connected in an ever-changing world
  • Encourage connection by boosting team-building activities or mentorships
  • Promote social impact, wellness challenges, and other initiatives aligned to company values
  • Inspire activities to support organizational culture, like serving as an onboarding buddy or volunteering in the community

Incentivize healthy behaviors and prevent burnout

  • Encourage mental and physical health with custom Incentives for participating in wellness programs, doctor’s visits, and preventative self-care
  • Connect Apple Health and Google Fit to promote wellness behaviors such as – steps, minutes of exercise, or mindfulness
  • Reward employees automatically for their healthy actions with connected apps

Well structured incentive programs
increase employee performance by up to 44%.

Source: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Drive success by gamifying employee development

  • Foster growth, culture, and excitement through competitions with time-bound Incentives that reward employees with more points the earlier they complete a task
  • Motivate employees to focus on their professional development and growth activities
  • Incentivize creating, updating, and completing Goals & OKRs

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