Boost SaaS & Tech employee retention and engagement with WorkTango

WorkTango’s award-winning employee experience solution helps SaaS and technology organizations transform their culture and create highly engaged workforces.

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Boost SaaS & Tech employee retention and engagement with WorkTango

The Employee Experience platform of choice for SaaS and Tech employers

Featured Case Study

OneStream Software Builds an Always-On Culture of Recognition with WorkTango

Watch this short case study from OneStream Software as the technology company discusses how they used Recognition & Rewards to help their employees adapt to remote work, feel recognized and appreciated, and strengthen their culture.

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Recognition & Rewards

Amplify and incentivize key values and behaviors at your tech organization

  • Build a culture of appreciation and ensure key values permeate to all employees, whether they’re hybrid, remote, or in-office
  • Encourage employees, managers, and executives to send public or private recognition, with or without points
  • Support automated milestone celebrations (i.e., years of service, birthdays) and peer-nominated awards
  • Let your employees choose rewards from the Employee Rewards Marketplace filled with products, experiences, and more from popular brands such as Apple and Amazon
  • Drive key company behaviors such as professional development, wellness and employee referrals with Incentives

On-demand webinar featuring Navin Gupta, CEO of LifeLoop

Watch this webinar featuring three CEOs to discover why surveys and employee recognition & rewards strategies are essential to company growth.

Surveys & Insights

Gather insights across the entire employee lifecycle

  • Get diagnostic feedback across the entire employee lifecycle with customizable survey templates for onboarding, engagement, DE&I, development, and off-boarding
  • Measure engagement by location, department, team and more, and compare against industry benchmarks
  • Analyze trends and identify key focus areas
  • Support confidentiality, authentic feedback and high participation rates with WorkTango’s Employee Promise
Heatmap from WorkTango's Employee Surveys & Insights tool to support analyzing survey data and identifying trends.

Empower leaders to turn insights into action

Deliver equitable employee recognition and improve service excellence with WorkTango

WorkTango is a great fit for what we do and what we stand for. Employees are more consistently giving good service. If we treat each other well, we are seeing that there’s a return on investment to members.

Evan Fournet
AVP of Learning and Development

WorkTango is an excellent resource to recognize co-workers, management, and others who make work life a pleasure and who impact our jobs in a positive manner. It solves the problem of how to recognize others in an impactful manner and at the same time reward them for their good work.

WorkTango User

The upside to using WorkTango is that anyone can recognize anyone for anything. There isn’t a middle-man for processing your acknowledgements and your awards are immediate.

WorkTango User

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