Take authentic employee comments to the next level.

Extend authentic employee listening with Anonymous Conversations by interacting with employee comments in your WorkTango surveys.

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Acknowledge and respond to employee comments

  • Respond to employee comments to continue the conversation, while protecting employee anonymity
  • Gain access to a unique way to have a two-way conversation to extend the value of your survey and dig further into worrisome areas
  • Easily acknowledge employee comments in one-click to give confidence that responses are being read
  • Decide which administrators or leaders can access and which surveys will have anonymous comments turned on or off
  • Use to increase the propensity of employees offering valuable feedback in future surveys

Understand themes and sentiment from comments

  • Gather qualitative feedback in an intuitive way to support action
  • Visualize employee sentiment for all qualitative feedback from employees and easily pull out themes
  • Gain the ability for administrators to access all comments or a selection based on any specific attribute (i.e. only access comments for hierarchy or a department)

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