Boost government employee retention and engagement with WorkTango

WorkTango’s award-winning employee experience software helps municipal and provincial government agencies create highly engaged workforces.

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Boost government employee retention and engagement with WorkTango

The Employee Experience platform of choice for government institutions

Featured Customer in the News

City of Brampton recognized by Forbes as one of Canada’s Best Employers in 2023

The City of Brampton was recognized by Forbes as one of Canada’s Best Employers 2023. In its fifth consecutive year on this list, the City climbed from the 98th position last year to the 18th spot in 2023. The City partnered with WorkTango to conduct a confidential Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Workforce survey focusing on demographic, equity, diversity and inclusion data, and then incorporated those findings into future policies, plans, initiatives and programs.

Recognition & Rewards

Encourage key values and behaviors for government or state employees

  • Build a culture of appreciation and ensure key values permeate to all government employees
  • Let your employees redeem their points for charitable contributions, or operate a zero points program if more suitable – it’s your choice
  • Encourage employees, managers, and executives to send public or private recognition, with or without points
  • Support peer-nominated awards and automated milestone celebrations (i.e. years of service, birthdays)
  • Drive key behaviors such as wellness, professional development, and employee referrals with Incentives

Surveys & Insights

Turn insights into action across the entire employee lifecycle

  • Get diagnostic feedback across the entire government employee lifecycle with customizable survey templates for onboarding, engagement, DE&I, and off-boarding
  • Measure engagement with research-backed questions designed by I/O Psychologists, or customize to keep historical trends
  • View actionable insights that leaders can use to improve organizational culture and employee NPS (eNPS)
  • Automatically generate Action Plans to help improve any specific issues surfaced in surveys
Heatmap from WorkTango's Employee Surveys & Insights tool to support analyzing survey data and identifying trends.

Address employee feedback while maintaining confidentiality

Improve government employee engagement with WorkTango

WorkTango allows us to easily do engagement surveys and get feedback from our employees. It’s easy to configure and send surveys with a single link for employees to use to respond. We can see real-time results and check on response rates while surveys are still open. We have been using WorkTango for almost 4 years, and it’s been a huge benefit to us. And customer service is amazing!

Robin Farr
Executive Director of People and Culture
Travel Alberta

WorkTango helps create and embolden community and camaraderie among fellow staff and coworkers. It is an excellent tool that helps bring people together in a way that is both personal and communal. WorkTango has helped me get to know more senior officials and some of their attributes, and has made me feel like a more vital part of my team and our business as a whole.

WorkTango User

We were able to leverage WorkTango’s platform and data services to navigate complex data within the organization and efficiently survey our employee population. Growth and Appreciation are aspects of employee experience that are supported with our partnership with WorkTango.

WorkTango User

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