Emmaus Homes Uses Recognition to Connect Dispersed Employees

Emmaus Homes Uses Recognition to Connect Dispersed Employees

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Times have changed, and so has our company name—from Kazoo to WorkTango.

With our recent acquisition and expansion to a holistic Employee Experience Platform, Kazoo is now known as WorkTango. You’ll read and hear customers referring to us as Kazoo in materials released prior to the change, but rest assured we still offer the same quality products and services, just with a new name.


Emmaus Homes’ scattered, inconsistent employee recognition programs lacked impact. 

The nonprofit industry typically sees a turnover rate of 45%, so Emmaus Homes knew retention was a challenge. Additionally, internal feedback indicated that employees felt disconnected across the nonprofit’s 80+ homes, and the old recognition program wasn’t resonating.


Emmaus Homes streamlined its programs with Kazoo [now WorkTango’s] platform.

The Recognition & Rewards platform helped Emmaus Homes connect its geographically dispersed employees through visible, real-time, peer-to-peer recognition. Plus, the nonprofit saved $25,000 on its rewards budget, and its Glassdoor score soared.


Emmaus Homes saved $25,000 on its rewards budget after streamlining its programs with Kazoo [now WorkTango].

By implementing the Kazoo [now WorkTango] platform, Emmaus Homes was able to save $25,000 in rewards budget in the first year. On top of that, over 40,000 pieces of recognition were sent by employees, and more than 1,800 bonuses were earned for various company programs. The increased engagement led to a 21% increase in the company’s ‘Recommend to a Friend’ score on Glassdoor.

“By partnering with Kazoo [now WorkTango], we can now see in real-time the great work our team is doing on a day-to-day basis.”
— Cindy Clark,  President and CEO


After one year with Kazoo [now WorkTango], Emmaus Homes saw:

$25,000 +

rewards budget savings

40,000 +

pieces of employee recognition sent since launch

0 +

bonuses earned for safety, compliance, and communications programs

0 %

increase in ‘Recommend to a Friend’ score on Glassdoor (70% to 91%)

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