Critical Start Creates a Culture of Employee Engagement with Recognition & Rewards from WorkTango

Critical Start Creates a Culture of Employee Engagement with Recognition & Rewards from WorkTango

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Roseanne Donohue, SVP People Strategy


As cyber risk monitoring software provider Critical Start grew, they realized they needed to enhance and extend their existing employee recognition efforts to create a more impactful and inclusive program.

Critical Start already had an informal recognition program in place, and used a simple, yet effective, channel on their internal communication platform to enable employees to give and receive shoutouts. However, the Critical Start team realized that a more formal and holistic program was needed. Critical Start conducted a Recognition & Rewards vendor evaluation and ultimately selected  WorkTango’s comprehensive Recognition & Rewards platform.


Critical Start quickly implemented the WorkTango Recognition & Rewards platform due to WorkTango seamlessly integrating with Critical Start’s existing systems and employee engagement strategies. Critical Start utilized WorkTango to create a more inclusive and widespread culture of workplace appreciation by: 

  • Introducing their Culture of Recognition and WorkTango during New Hire Orientations to set the expectation on day one of participation
  • Incorporating WorkTango into Critical Start’s Learning Management System (LMS) to  ensure that every employee knows how to use WorkTango as effectively as possible
  • Instantly making recognition more comprehensive (without adding additional work for HR team members) by leveraging WorkTango’s capabilities to automatically acknowledge and celebrate key employee milestones such as birthdays and work anniversaries
  • Introducing quarterly points that each employee could distribute in real-time to thank their colleagues for collaboration and great work
  • Using the built-in Incentives functionality within WorkTango to drive active engagement in company culture initiatives by awarding points for employee participation in company culture initiatives, such as volunteering or leading Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
  • Choosing to continue the existing Critical Start “Kudos channel”, an informal channel that team members recognized each other on and many employees had grown familiar with

Post-adoption of WorkTango, employee feedback on the platform was positive. However, Critical Start realized that in order to drive even more engagement with the platform and make the rewards options even more meaningful, they should assign a higher monetary value to each platform rewards point. As expected, this change enhanced employee motivation further and boosted appreciation when employees received thanks and points from colleagues.

Critical Start plans to continue to evolve and refine their holistic approach to creating a culture of recognition in the coming months as they work with WorkTango to improve the lives of their team members at work.

Level Up Awards

Critical Start also created “Level Up Awards” to recognize employees who exemplify the company’s core values, and who are exceptional contributors to the company’s mission and value creation plan.

All employees are able to participate by nominating deserving colleagues for a Level Up Award right within the WorkTango platform, but only employees who meet all of the stringent criteria are shortlisted by the executive leadership team and HR as winners. Winners are selected based on the strength of peer nominations, and the winners and their incredible contributions are highlighted at the next company-wide All-Hands meeting.

This method of recognition not only reinforces the company’s values, but also actively involves the executive leadership team (ELT) in the employee recognition process, fostering a culture of appreciation and alignment with the organizational goals.

Did you know? The #1 reason people leave jobs is limited recognition and praise, and 81% of employees say they’re motivated to work harder when their boss shows appreciation.


Implementing WorkTango at Critical Start significantly enhanced the company’s nascent employee recognition culture. By seamlessly integrating the WorkTango platform into existing systems, Critical Start was able to maintain familiarity of their previous “Kudos channel” while significantly expanding the effectiveness and inclusivity of their overall program.

Did you know? Employees who actively use the WorkTango Recognition & Rewards platform stay at their company 2.8 years longer on average than inactive employees.

Key metrics

89% of managers are active in the platform
79% of employees are active in the platform
1M+ Recognition + High Five + Incentive points have been distributed by employees