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Emotional Intelligence Triggers & Recovery Tools

Current research shows there are core beliefs around showing emotions in the workplace where people are brought to believe that the “emotions don’t belong in the workplace”. By doing so, leaders who don’t spend a reasonable amount of time managing emotions may be spending an unreasonable amount of time managing bad behavior. The neglect of emotions or the lack of their acknowledgment leads to disengagement, loss of productivity, fatigue, burnout, absenteeism and ultimately attrition. The least favorable and most obscure scenario may have employees creating a culture of toxicity for everyone else on the team. As a leader, it is your responsibility to develop the capacity to regulate your own emotions and those on your team.

In this 60-minute complimentary webinar you will learn:

  1. The intelligence of Emotions and emotional literacy in the workplace.
  2. Three techniques to regulate emotions.
  3. Resilience and recovery tools.

Presenter Bios


Anya Romanova is a professional certified leadership coach, instructional designer and facilitator. Her passion is delivering training around diversity and inclusion, emotional intelligence and leadership development. She is committed to the importance of emotional intelligence as a developmental imperative as AI begins to replace technical work.

She is the founder of Culture Crafters Inc., a global training company helping organizations create a culture of courage, inclusivity and collaboration. You can get in touch with Anya through