Echo Global Logistics Uses WorkTango to Retain Top Talent

Echo Global Logistics Uses WorkTango to Retain Top Talent

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Echo Global Logistics struggled to maintain its culture in the face of rapid growth.

With over 30 offices nationwide, the nearly $2 billion business needed to provide consistent, high-quality service to customers, even as it fought to unify its culture internally.


Echo Global Logistics adopted the full Kazoo [now WorkTango] platform — and used its people data tools to measure and drive improvements.

And those improvements are considerable. Since using Kazoo [now WorkTango], Echo Global Logistics has experienced an increase in every single employee engagement category, and reduced flight risk by 5%. That reduction translated into increased productivity, cost savings, and customer retention.

“Kazoo [now WorkTango] has established clear and simple training and roped in key stakeholders at every level to ensure a high level of engagement and success at each of our many locations. It has been very, very effective.”
— Cheryl Johnson,  CHRO

Key Results:

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of its employees have received recognition within the last six months

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of the respondents believe giving recognition is motivational to coworkers

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are motivated when they receive recognition

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