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Health & Wellness Survey Methodology

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With all kinds of changes impacting our lives at breakneck speed, the health and well-being of employees has taken on a heightened level of importance among business leaders. Early recognition of health problems, referrals to the right resources, the right treatments, and measurable Health & Wellness insights are the key to maintaining a healthy workforce and business.

At WorkTango, we do purposeful work around measuring Health & Wellness, recommending and supporting change, enabling leadership, and ultimately impacting your culture and the employee experience. In this paper, we distill our knowledge and go over our double-pronged Health & Wellness methodology that collects sentiment and helps you understand the health of your organization through factors.

WorkTango’s Heath & Wellness Index includes five factors that influence organizational health:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Work
  • Financial
  • Social

In addition to scientifically vetted questions, our model includes natural language processing for the analysis of open-ended survey responses. WorkTango also provides powerful analysis, reporting and correlation across your data sets (including previous Health & Wellness questionnaires and Employee Engagement surveys).

In this paper, we cover how to collect, measure, and act on employee feedback to ensure the Health & Wellness of your employees and organization is top-notch.