New: WorkTango-ADP Integration Makes Data Even Easier

New: WorkTango-ADP Integration Makes Data Even Easier

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At WorkTango, we love our HR administrators. As a small token of our affection, we’ve released a new ADP Workforce Now® API integration for ADP® clients. This new integration makes it easy to sync your HRIS employee data with WorkTango’s Employee Experience Platform.

The WorkTango and ADP Workforce Now® integration is available for all shared WorkTango and ADP customers through the ADP Marketplace.

What the ADP integration does for you

When you integrate ADP Workforce Now® with WorkTango, your employee data neatly flows from ADP into WorkTango. Using the WorkTango data connector, we pull your employee details from ADP and load them into WorkTango via a secure one-way API integration. Easy as pie.

“What kind of employee details?” we hear you ask. The integration pulls over all your standard HRIS fields, including (but not limited to):

  • Employee name
  • Email
  • Job title
  • Status
  • Department
  • Location
  • Country

After your initial batch sync, data syncs at a regular nightly cadence. Need that data to sync a little more quickly? No problem. When performing actions that need a speedier approach, such as adding a new employee or removing an employee from ADP, you can run a ‘quick sync’ to quickly reflect key changes.

image of the kazoo platform

For some additional peace of mind (we’ll never say no to more of that), you can see all of your data syncs at a glance in WorkTango’s Import History dashboard, alongside a downloadable report. The dashboard cleanly displays your upload date, who performed the upload, the type of import (e.g., user, groups), and the current status of your sync. From there, you can quickly identify and troubleshoot any sync issues, like duplicate information across your records or missing required fields.


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