Meet WorkTango’s New CEO Monique McDonough

Meet WorkTango’s New CEO Monique McDonough

June 3, 2024 | WorkTango

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Today, Tangoneers celebrate the appointment of former Chief Operating Officer Monique McDonough to her new role as Chief Executive Officer of WorkTango, while bidding a warm farewell to former CEO Patrick Manzo.

New CEO Monique McDonough praised her predecessor, saying, “During his 2.5 years at WorkTango, Patrick successfully merged two companies and repositioned the new organization and its products to empower modern HR leaders and their teams. His impact on the culture and direction of our company has been significant, and we wish him the very best.”

Monique takes over as CEO as part of a planned succession after three years as WorkTango’s Chief Operating Officer, a role in which she led customer success, sales, people & culture, and the business operations teams.

We asked Monique a few questions in order to better share her vision and goals for WorkTango with our readers. You can find snippets from that interview below.

WorkTango: Monique, congratulations on the new role! You’ve been at WorkTango for three years now, and therefore know the business and many of WorkTango’s customers extremely well already. However, are there any new priorities or areas of focus for the company that you plan to implement now that you are CEO?

Monique: Thank you! We have made great strides over the past few years when it comes to improving the quality of our products and services. I am so proud of the team and of the value that our customers tell us they create with WorkTango every day. But there is always more to do. We have labeled 2024 as the year of Customer Experience here at WorkTango, and that isn’t going to change now that I am CEO. In the first few months of this year, we have already released a number of exciting new product features in response to customer requests, and invested in making it easier for customers getting assistance from WorkTango, including upgrading our Customer Support Portal. To ensure that these investments are aligning with customer needs, I will continue to join calls with our customers and work with our Customer Success team to ensure that we are delivering program impact, business value and ROI to every WorkTango customer.

WorkTango: One of the top priorities of our customers this year is finding ways to better empower leaders and managers. Therefore, making it easier for customers to do so is therefore one of our top priorities here at WorkTango. Can you speak to how WorkTango’s Employee Experience Platform helps lighten the workload expected of leaders?

Monique: Managers and leaders are busier than ever these days as organizations weather the challenging economic climate and try to do more with less. That said, it remains imperative for managers to understand their team members’ engagement levels, if employees are feeling appropriately recognized within the organization, and if coaching or further training and development opportunities are needed. We are working hard to add more dashboards and insights to our platform specifically to help managers get a better pulse on their team, understand the impact that their employees are having on other parts of the organization, reduce unconscious bias, and ensure every employee feels seen, heard, and valued. Manager and leader effectiveness remains an ongoing focus for HR leaders, and we will continue to invest in supporting our customers in this area.

WorkTango: WorkTango has experienced some organizational changes over the years. Are there any additional changes coming that customer should know about?

Monique: In the software industry, if a company isn’t changing, it isn’t innovating. The pandemic illustrated just how quickly the workplace and employer-employee norms can change. WorkTango will always continue to lean into what’s next to best empower HR leaders and their organizations. So, while I cannot promise that this is the last change our customers will experience, the team and I will do our very best to ensure it’s positive change, and will communicate early and often with our valued customers to keep them informed.



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