WorkTango Lite.
Built for Small Companies.

For small companies, WorkTango offers a light
feedback tool for HR to monitor employee
engagement and react.

Offer your employees a voice.
Then Listen, Learn & Engage.

Listen to your workforce with customizable surveys.

  • Customized and branded surveys to suit your needs with 5-star ratings
  • Surveys designed to be a frictionless experience for employees, taking seconds to complete
  • Anonymous Responses designed to promote high participation rates

Learn and diagnose with dashboards and intuitive reporting.

  • Intuitive reports that are easy to understand and share. View results by department, location, or role in one-click.
  • Role-based Dashboards for executives, HR leaders and managers to offer insight that matters to them
  • Drill-down into specific engagement indicators by categories or individual questions
  • Identify trends and gain real-time survey feedback to monitor engagement levels

Enable managers with team-only reports.

  • Manager Insight offers views to the managers aggregated team responses and quickly compare them with the company average.
  • Executive Access to data for all managers to find which are performing well and which need coaching.
  • Dashboards allow results to be seen for personal teams and the organizational teams under them.
  • Add qualitative data through Employee Comments – anonymous insight to give employees a voice and offer valuable insight.
“The WorkTango platform gives leadership and management insight into how our employees are feeling and displays it in such an intuitive manner. It helps us take immediate action.”