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The Employee Experience Revolution: A Manifesto

What is the employee experience, and why does it matter? Kazoo’s Employee Experience Manifesto plants a flag in the sand.

We’ll walk you through why the employee experience matters, how it’s evolved in the workplace, and how the four pillars of the employee experience are vital to an inspired, aligned workforce.

2022 Workplace Report: From Great Resignation to Workplace Revolution

2021 brought its own tumultuous shock: The Great Resignation. In the U.S., workers have been leaving their jobs in record numbers since April, most citing the search for a better quality of life. With this in mind, as we get into 2022, company leaders are focused on creating a compelling employee experience and nurturing company culture — especially in a hybrid work environment. In November 2021, Kazoo surveyed hundreds of HR leaders across the globe to find out what changed over the last twelve months, and how they’re problem-solving for 2022.

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Experience

You may have heard all the buzz about employee experience – or EX – in HR circles. It’s become well-known as the force behind employee retention, higher employee engagement, thriving productivity, and even boosts in profitability.

There’s no question that prioritizing EX has the powerful potential to change things. But what exactly does “employee experience” mean?

Employee Stay Survey Template

In times of uncertainty and insecurity, people behave conservatively and stay put. But as things normalize, we can expect some employees to head for the exits. We’re recommending a mass, rapid, stay interview or survey to understand why employees stay at their organization and we’re providing the template.

Return To Work Survey Template

Free resources to help organizations of all sizes understand the sentiment of employees on returning to the office and to help plan an effective transition back to the workplace, whatever that may look like. The return to work will be effective only when employees are on board. If they’re not, companies should be prepared to lose talent.

A Guide to Employee Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Surveys

Effective DEI surveys are so much more than collecting demographic data. And, so much more than collecting data about inclusivity in the work environment. DEI surveys that lead to real change are rooted in the continuous DRIVE to UNDERSTAND your organizationʼs diverse make-up alongside the lived employee experience.

Pulse Survey Action Plan Template

This guide is intended for people leaders who have recently conducted a Pulse survey with their team and who want to listen, plan and implement change quickly based on their team’s feedback. Pulse action plans address feedback by staying laser-focused on specific issues.

2020 Guide to Employee Voice

This comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know about activating Employee Voice in your organization to help create a better employee experience. It will focus on how to actively listen to employees and measure and improve employee engagement in today’s modern workplace.

Guide to Effective Employee Survey Communication

It is imperative to have high response rates to your employee surveys. Of course, high participation ensures that you have a reliable dataset to work from when planning your workplace culture initiatives. It is also important because it signifies the trust your employees have in the organization and its ability to follow-up with appropriate action.

A Guide to Help Leaders Act on Employee Survey Insights

The employee survey is just one of the first steps in achieving objectives. What really moves the needle is how you enable leaders, managers, and front line staff to act on survey results. Action planning needs to be well thought out, supported by senior leadership, and rolled out in an inclusive way.