Work Just Got Better: Kazoo Acquires WorkTango

Work Just Got Better: Kazoo Acquires WorkTango

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Since 2019, Kazoo’s been changing workplaces worldwide with our leading employee experience platform. And today, it just got better. 

We’re excited to announce the acquisition of WorkTango, the Toronto-based employee experience survey and people analytics company that gives employees a voice and leaders actionable insights to create a more engaged workforce.

With the WorkTango team on board, Kazoo will offer the most complete platform for employee engagement, recognition, and performance management capabilities in the market.

(Yeah. We’re pretty excited, too.)

Why Kazoo’s WorkTango acquisition is a game-changer

The tl;dr: It’s a whole new level of engagement.

We’re heading into the third year of the coronavirus pandemic with a clear understanding of the needs of today’s workplace. Between remote work, employee burnout, and the Great Resignation, it’s mission-critical for companies to:


Kazoo’s capabilities keep employees personally connected and strategically aligned with their teams and goals. Now, WorkTango’s robust employee survey and leadership enablement capabilities introduce a whole new level of engagement.

Kazoo CEO, Patrick Manzo put it this way:

“Over the last two years, the nature of work has dramatically changed, and this acquisition comes at a pivotal time as companies focus on their people more than ever. Our companies share a singular focus on making work better for more people, regardless of where they work. By leveraging the best of both companies’ technology and talent, this acquisition gives our customers a better pulse on employee expectations and experiences and allows them to use those insights to drive greater engagement and ultimately achieve better business results.”

What this means for our customers

For companies, it’s a whole new way to hear, analyze, and address workforce needs.

Prior to the acquisition, the Kazoo Employee Experience Platform built workplaces focused on connection, appreciation, performance expectations, and growth pathing through its interconnected capabilities: Goals & OKRs, Recognition & Rewards, Conversations, Feedback, and Incentives.

Now, the Kazoo Employee Experience Platform will expand its capabilities with WorkTango’s comprehensive employee listening solution to:

  • Gather employee feedback via configurable templates
  • Intelligently analyze the data in automated dashboards
  • Recommend next steps for people leaders based on those insights

Additionally, Kazoo will leverage WorkTango’s expertise in data, analytics, and AI across the platform to unlock a more complete understanding of an employee’s day-to-day experience. 

In the words of WorkTango co-founder Rob Catalano: “Joining forces with Kazoo and bringing our passionate teams together provides our customers with greater value and better service amid the ever-evolving workplace. Together, we’re offering the market a solution to their biggest challenge — creating a phenomenal employee experience and an environment where everyone can thrive.”



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