[On-Demand] How to Help Your Leaders Become Better Coaches

Mastering five essential questions can help managers and leaders increase the focus, courage and resilience they need to have more impact in the work they do.

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  • Get three quick-to-master techniques to ask a question well (it’s harder to do than it sounds!)
  • Find the Best Coaching Question in the World (and it has just three words)

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Michael Bungay Stanier

Founder of Box of Crayons

Michael’s new book is The Advice Trap, the much anticipated companion book to The Coaching Habit, the best-selling coaching book of this century. He is the founder of Box of Crayons, a company committed to helping organizations shifting from advice-driven to curiosity-led, and whose clients include TELUS and Microsoft. His new TEDx talk shares the secret of how to #TameYourAdviceMonster. You can learn more at MBS.works.

Rob Catalano

Co-founder WorkTango

Rob Catalano is passionate about helping companies succeed – by leveraging technology to make employees successful. With his unique experience in HR Technology as a founding employee at Achievers, Rob co-founded WorkTango – software that helps give employees a voice and companies actionable insight.

He has recently been named as a 2018 Top Global Employee Engagement Influencer, has had the privilege of speaking in over 30 cities the past three years, and loves the opportunity to connect with passionate HR leaders across the globe.