25 Employee Reward Ideas to Boost Remote Worker Morale

25 Employee Reward Ideas to Boost Remote Worker Morale

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Let’s be real: Going full remote is challenging under the best of circumstances. And in the COVID-19 pandemic, the circumstances are, well, not the best. HR departments are working overtime to help remote employees stay connected and motivated while they work from home. Which is why we’ve compiled this list of custom remote employee reward ideas to boost morale.

Whether you already use WorkTango’s Employee Rewards Marketplace or need fresh employee reward ideas for your own rewards program, check out these reward ideas for remote employees to boost motivation and morale.

1. Cooking lesson 

We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons. Learn how to cook like a professional! This reward is good for an in-home cooking lesson.

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2. Take the day off to volunteer 

For many, having an impact in the community is an important part of employee engagement. Take the day off to do something great for other people. If it’s safe, redeem as a group reward, and volunteer with your team to boost team-building.

3. Boss writes LinkedIn recommendation 

Getting a recommendation on Linkedin or other social media platform can feel like the highest form of recognition. It shows that someone went out of their way to recognize you.

4. Team GIF-off 

Are GIFs part of your company culture? Nominate a peer to serve as the host for the 2nd Annual Slack /Giphy off. Divide the teams up into brackets and come up with culture-related themes. The company will provide light snacks and beverages with a DoorDash delivery credit. May the odds be ever in your favor. 

5. Get physical 

One year’s subscription to a gym membership or fitness program of your choice. Especially during shelter-in-place, exercise is great for your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Value of $1,200.

6. $25 to TaskRabbit 

Taskers will help you with the most mundane of errands: Grocery shopping, errands, Ikea furniture assembly, or deliveries.

7. Company Zoom background made in your honor 

Have a tech-savvy team member create a custom Zoom background with a picture of you and your favorite quote. 

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8. Flexible hours for the week 

Flexibility is top of mind for most companies in this new future of work. But if it’s not yet at yours, try this reward to get your work-life balance in order! Juggling kids and hard work at the same time? Have to run the dog to the vet—or even just need to nap? Set your own hours this week and get everything done with ease.

9. Video chat dance-off with the CEO 

Are you dying to show off your moves? Move over, Macarena! Challenge the CEO to a virtual dance-off. You pick the song. It’s time to get jiggy wit’ it. This contribution is from a real WorkTango customer (but we won’t say which one).

10. Spend 25% of your time on a passion project 

Part of employee engagement at work is getting to work on projects and tasks that best match your interests and strengths. With this reward, you get to spend 25% of your week on any project you choose. Talk about great perks.

11. Handwritten note from your manager to your family/significant other about your great work 

You’re working hard and your loved ones deserve to know how awesome you are! Redeem your points and your manager will send a handwritten note to your friends/ family/partner highlighting your recent accomplishments. Or, cash in to get a written shout-out from a team member for that sweet, sweet peer recognition.

12. Annual Spotify or Pandora membership  

Soundtrack your life, commercial-free. Choose the perfect songs for your workout, your night in, or your journey to work, even if it’s from your bed to home office.

13. Get profiled in the next company newsletter 

Employees make up the brains, energy, voice, and overall tone that create a great company. So bring on the public recognition. This reward spotlights you with a feature in the next company blog or newsletter.

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14. Take a two-hour lunch 

Hungry? Busy? Spend some extra time at the table with a guilt-free, two-hour lunch. Plus, take care of those pesky errands you’ve been meaning to tackle.

15. Monthly subscription to e-learning 

Professional development is a reward that keeps on giving. Redeem for a monthly subscription to online training services like Udemy or Lynda.com. Learn software, creative, and business skills to achieve your personal and professional goals. 

16. Grocery delivery 

At the end of a long day working from home, sometimes chores are the last thing you want to do. Redeem for a grocery delivery service, and let someone else take care of it.

17. Executive leadership session 

Get some quality virtual time with the core leadership team and learn something new. Redeem your points for mentoring and/or coaching from a key leader. Good for one session. 

18. Fixer Upper: Home Office Edition 

Work from home? It’s not cheap creating that perfect work space outside of the office. Redeem for anything that helps your productive juices start flowing. Examples include a standing desk, a dual monitor stand plus additional monitor, noise-canceling headphones, or a new microphone. Good for $200.

19. Bagel delivery to your home 

Do you miss grabbing pastries and chatting in the early office kitchen as the coffee warmed before work? We’ll bring the dream right to your door. Redeem for a delivery of coffee, bagels, and schmear.

20. Video streaming subscription 

Home theater? Now that home is the movie theater, make sure you’ve got plenty of entertainment. Redeem for a premium subscription to Netflix, Hulu, HBO, or your streaming service of choice.

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21. Happy hour delivery 

Champagne is a great way to celebrate a triumph large or small. Pop a little bubbly when you redeem for a delivery from Drizly or other adult beverage delivery services. And pour one out for the entire team.

22. Present at the next company all-hands meeting 

Want some time to shine? Lead a session in the next company all-hands meeting via video conference. Feel free to put your own personal twist on it (as long as it’s approved first).

23. Flowers delivered to your significant other 

Use your reward to give back to your loved ones. Want to send something special but can’t find the time? Let us handle everything. We’ll pick a great arrangement and have it delivered to their doorstep.

24. Stress relief app subscription 

There’s no care like self-care. Redeem this reward for a subscription to a meditation, yoga, or mindfulness app, and breathe deep. It’ll be okay.

25. At-home dinner for two 

You pick the restaurant, date, and time for the delivery and spend the evening enjoying the company of your best friend/spouse/significant other.

Using rewards to motivate the remote workforce

We hope these remote employee reward ideas are helpful! We’ll let you in on a fun secret — these remote employee reward ideas came from the reward catalogs of real WorkTango customers.