Make employee evaluation simple with Talent Review.

Identify high-potential employees and develop leaders with data-driven calibration conversations.

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Create a bias-free, data-driven employee evaluation process

  • Standardize your approach to performance reviews to fairly identify top talent and drive career development
  • Measure employee engagement with year-round conversations, recognition, goals, feedback, and accomplishments
  • Eliminate unconscious bias with a research-backed questionnaire created for people leaders
  • Build an equitable framework with in-platform guidance and support documentation

Calibrate performance conversations across the company

  • Incorporate additional leaders and HR into performance conversations to encourage accountability and objectivity
  • Calibrate group discussions around 9-box placement
  • Compare automatic 9-box placements with direct placements to reduce bias
  • Supplement evaluations with optional compensation, title, and flight risk recommendations

Understand the impact of a sustainable talent management strategy

  • Bring better insights to talent reviews to improve your people strategy and boost the bottom line 
  • Give managers a more complete view with actionable summary dashboards
  • Empower HR admins to own the process with access to talent recommendations 
  • Export evaluation data for deeper analysis, reports and presentations

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