Rewards all employees will love

10M+ at-cost, zero-cost, and experiential rewards ― all in one smart Rewards Marketplace.

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Say thank you a million
different ways

  • Choose from thousands of products and gift cards from popular brands
  • Create Special Catalogs with tokens for milestones and special programs
  • Redeem rewards points for travel, hotels, and ticketed events
  • Pay the appreciation forward with over 1.2 million cataloged charities

Online shopping made personal

  • Quickly search rewards categories with faceted browsing and a comprehensive rewards menu
  • Enjoy personalized rewards suggestions based on past search and redemption behavior
  • Make wish lists a reality with rewards points progress trackers and PayPal balance top-off 
  • Get the whole team involved with Reward Point pooling for group rewards redemptions

Great rewards, less effort

  • Save time and money with ‘set it and forget it’ automated Rewards Marketplace setup
  • Expedite reward delivery with global fulfillment centers for faster shipping
  • Sleep soundly thanks to secure virtual and prepaid gift card delivery
  • Easily understand your Rewards program with Reporting for your redemption activity and budgets

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