[On-Demand Webcast] 5 Strategies To Build a Resilient Hybrid Team

What strategies can you use to build a resilient team when individuals work from different locations?

This webinar on-demand featuring Simon T. (Trevarthen) addresses 5 key leadership considerations, including:

  • Understanding and building a more resilient environment
  • Promoting collaboration, co-creation and creativity
  • Using empathy to strengthen culture and engagement

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Simon Trevarthen

Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Elevate Your Greatness

Simon T. (Trevarthen) is a premier speaker on resilience, inspiration, and innovation. As a presenter, Simon has the rare ability to energize audiences while delivering personal, professional, and business growth insights.

Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Elevate Your Greatness, Simon focuses his energy on helping others find and ignite their passion for achieving their greatness.

Simon has facilitated hundreds of sessions and sparked energetic conversations about innovation and business transformation. An international keynote speaker, Simon has addressed over 50,000 people at conferences, training seminars, and workshops.

Rob Catalano

Chief Engagement Officer at WorkTango

Rob is the Chief Engagement Officer at WorkTango and has spent the last 17 years consulting companies on employee engagement while building HR technology and advisory companies. He is the Canadian Chairperson for The Enterprise Engagement Alliance, with a mandate to lead and help educate corporate, government and not-for-profit management on a formal process for implementing engagement across the enterprise community. He is active in the Engage for Success movement, focused on raising the profile of the impact of employee engagement on employee and business success, and he was named one of the 100 Top Global Employee Engagement Influencers in 2019. He is an avid hockey and volleyball player, traveller, used to play guitar in a metal band, and in his own terms a ‘pointaholic’ – he collects loyalty points for everything and anything! You can reach him at [email protected] or @RobCatalano on twitter.