Perform[cb] Creates a Recognition-First Culture

Perform[cb] Creates a Recognition-First Culture

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At the beginning of 2020, leaders at Perform[cb] knew they needed a strategy to preserve their tight-knit, vibrant company culture through a remarkable series of changes. 

The company was growing rapidly after making several acquisitions, turning the local team into a global one. Culture had always been one of their company’s strongpoints — but how could they scale it? How could they ensure it stayed intact, even across oceans? There had never been more of a need to unify the company, stay connected, and boost morale.


The team identified the Kazoo [now WorkTango] Employee Experience Platform as the answer. The WorkTango customer success team helped guide Perform[cb] through the implementation process, setting up their first custom Incentives, Rewards catalog, and intro materials. When Perform[cb] launched, employees were on board instantly. 

Since implementing WorkTango, the team has focused on cross-department recognition, peer-to-peer encouragement, incentivizing cultural events and training, and promoting important initiatives around subjects like DE&I. Company use of the program soared, and a culture of unity and celebration thrived — even through a pandemic and across a global reach.

“Kazoo's [now WorkTango] kept our company’s vibrant, unified culture alive — even through a pandemic — and morale is up.”
— Ryan Hill,  Vibe Manager, Perform[cb]


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