Free Digital Employee Recognition Cards

Free Digital Employee Recognition Cards

Employee recognition is a concept we’ve all heard of before. But as remote and hybrid work become the norm in the modern workplace, it’s crucial that employee recognition also continues to evolve.

Many of our users have created a more positive work environment and increased employee productivity, loyalty, and engagement by implementing a culture of recognition. While comprehensive employee Recognition & Rewards programs offer a holistic and efficient approach to fostering a culture of appreciation, not every organization is ready to implement a full-fledged program. However, radical transformation often begins with a few small steps. To help your organization bridge the gap between limited employee recognition and a full-fledged employee recognition program, we’ve created free digital employee recognition cards for you to send.

What to Include in an Employee Recognition Card

The SMT formula—Specific, Meaningful, Timely—acts as a formula for writing an effective employee recognition.

  • Be Specific: What did the employee who you’d like to recognize do? Note the specific actions, behaviors, or achievements that warrant recognition. Providing details not only acknowledges the effort the employee made, but also paints a clear picture of why the recognition is well-deserved.
  • Make It Meaningful: Note the significance of the accomplishment. Did it embody the organization’s core values? Did it enhance a customer’s experience or yield a substantial, positive business impact? Recognizing the meaning behind an achievement reinforces the alignment of individual efforts with broader organizational goals.
  • Recognize in a Timely Fashion: Recognition is more effective when given immediately after an employee takes an action that deserves to be recognized. Timely recognitions celebrate an accomplishment in the moment, rather than arriving weeks later when everyone is focusing on the next thing.

Whether it’s to thank someone for a job well done, to celebrate an important milestone achieved, or just to say “Thank You,” we suggest using one of these free employee recognition cards to demonstrate gratitude toward a teammate or manager and light up their day.

Send a Digital Employee Recognition Card Now

Use the below form to send a digital recognition card to a teammate or manager. We’ll email them a card on your behalf — and we promise they will not receive any additional content, unless they are already subscribed to our emails.

Creating a Comprehensive Recognition Strategy

Remember: The most impactful employee recognition and rewards programs extend far beyond digital “thank you” cards. The most effective programs are holistic programs that combine peer-to-peer + top down + bottoms-up recognition; celebrate years of service and milestones; enable nominations and awards; offer employee incentives to drive timely completion of important actions such as IT Training or Learning & Development courses; and make a variety of employee rewards available as a thank-you for doing great work.