Scale & automate Employee Recognition & Rewards

WorkTango helps organizations scale and automate manual recognition & rewards practices, track and control costs, and create a continuous culture of appreciation. Available individually or as part of the full Employee Experience platform.

Employee recognition & rewards with less effort and fewer costs

  • Run your Employee Recognition program with or without associated Rewards, points or tokens
  • Depending on your industry regulations and budget, offer zero-cost rewards or charitable contributions only
  • Save on rewards costs and expand choices with WorkTango’s pre-configured Employee Rewards Marketplace featuring 10M+ options, zero markup rewards, and free shipping + fulfillment
  • Track program participation within the platform and view recognition data and insights by department, location, job role, or any other field from your HCM/HRIS

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Share and celebrate great work, awards & employee milestones in one place

  • Make it easy for coworkers, managers, and executives to share and amplify recognitions in a public recognition feed with “High-Fives”, Comments, Emojis, and GIFs
  • Create an effortless, scaleable culture of employee recognition with automated anniversary and milestone celebration celebrations
  • Run Nominations & Awards from within the WorkTango platform for improved efficiency and budget visibility
  • Send organization-driven Special Recognitions to highlight exceptional moments

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Encourage desired actions, feedback & performance with Incentives

  • Use Incentives to promote health & wellness participation, survey completion and other company priorities
  • Choose from 50+ preconfigured templates or create your own
  • Easily calculate the budget impact of new Incentives and establish claim caps with in-platform budget tools
  • Incentivize peer-to-peer feedback to encourage a continuous culture of growth and innovation

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“Using WorkTango has shown us that what gets recognized, gets repeated. WorkTango’s Surveys & Insights platform and Recognition & Rewards platform have positively impacted performance outcomes, and employee engagement.”
Scott Halstead,  Assistant VP of Talent & Organizational Development,  American Eagle Financial Credit Union

10M+ Rewards available in 85 countries across the world

  • Effortlessly give employees a range of local reward choices with WorkTango’s pre-configured marketplace – the most comprehensive available in the industry
  • Save time and money with zero markup rewards and integrated shipping & fulfillment
  • Let your employees choose rewards from the Employee Rewards Marketplace filled with products, experiences, and more from popular brands such as Apple and Amazon
  • Offer Custom Swag within your Company Rewards marketplace, or create other custom rewards that align with your organization’s culture and core values
  • Manage milestones and employee programs with uniquely curated Special Catalogs

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