Make nonprofits great places to work with WorkTango

WorkTango’s award-winning employee experience solution helps nonprofits transform their culture and create highly engaged workforces.

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Make nonprofits great places to work with WorkTango

The Employee Experience platform of choice for nonprofits

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Real results from OLV Human Services

increase in survey response rates
0 %
reduction in both voluntary and involuntary terminations
0 %
participation in wellness and team-building programs
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Recognition & Rewards

Encourage key values and behaviors for nonprofit employees

Surveys & Insights

Turn insights into action across the entire employee lifecycle

Heatmap from WorkTango's Employee Surveys & Insights tool to support analyzing survey data and identifying trends.

Employee Engagement

Measure and improve nonprofit employee engagement and alignment

  • Give all nonprofit employees a voice (including those with or without email addresses) – through customizable surveys that can be completed on any device, from anywhere
  • Support confidentiality, authentic feedback and high participation rates with WorkTango’s Employee Promise
  • Respond to comments with Anonymous Conversations to ensure nonprofit employees feel heard
  • Measure engagement with research-backed questions designed by I/O Psychologists, or customize to keep historical trends

Foster connection and engagement with WorkTango

WorkTango makes it easy and fast to create a survey. We moved from a long painful annual engagement survey that we used to run, to frequent monthly pulse surveys with WorkTango.

Lena Gitelman
Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa

WorkTango is an exceptional employee experience platform. It allows you to stay connected with your team members on a digital platform, while also letting you appreciate and praise them publicly for a task they assist you with.

WorkTango User

Work Tango is helping us keep our company core values in front of the entire team. These were sometimes overlooked, but as they are imprinted into the WorkTango platform, I feel they are reinforced to our team daily.

WorkTango User

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