Align and develop employees with continuous feedback.

Support the success of your people by enabling meaningful development discussions and aligning employees with clear goals.

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Turn managers into coaches with frequent and meaningful conversations

  • Improve Conversations to support valuable 1:1 or 1:many discussions and build better manager-employee relationships
  • Easily add goals to conversation agendas to support more aligned discussions
  • Live agendas and notes to support a dynamic conversation and accountability for future actions 
  • Drive engagement with continued discussions about goal progress, accomplishments, feedback, career objectives, and growth areas


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Build the foundation of high-performing teams with Goals & OKRs

  • Align individual, department, and company goals – make goals public to support transparency and accountability
  • Easily track goal progress and risk status at a company or team level
  • Make regular updates, add comments and collaborators
  • Develop a goal structure that works for you – with or without OKRs
  • Integrate goals with discussions about employee success, recognition, Check-Ins, and feedback for a holistic view of performance

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Use Check-Ins to build alignment and support valuable development conversations

  • Create more valuable and structured employee development conversations, more often
  • Valuable recognition data automatically added to support a more holistic view of an employee’s impact on the organization
  • Review Feedback from coworkers and other areas for growth and development
  • Summarize overall performance and areas for employee development and longer-term career objectives

Use Feedback to improve communication, collaboration, and innovation

  • Encourage a growth mindset by making it easy for all employees to provide feedback to each other at any time
  • Reduce friction of giving and receiving timely feedback
  • Customize your own feedback templates or use our recommended templates, for example Give/Receive Feedback between a leader and an employee, or Request Feedback about others
  • Port feedback details into Check-In conversations to improve leader-employee conversations

Create a fair, data-driven employee evaluation process with Talent Review

  • Talent Review brings year-round dialogue and employee engagement metrics to performance conversations
  • Reduce bias with a research-backed questionnaire and automatic 9-box placement
  • Easily identify top talent, drive career development and build data-driven succession plans
  • Inform calibration conversations with 9-box definitions, in-platform guidance, and support documentation

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“Our aspiration is that feedback is exchanged freely and often and in many different ways. WorkTango [formerly Kazoo] supports that goal for us and this should be what our entire culture is like. So if you go into any VMLY&R office, no matter where you are, the same core tenets are visible at each location.”

– Lisa Bridgers
Chief People Officer, North America

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Goals & Feedback are critical to alignment and employee success, but we don’t stop there. Learn why Goals & Feedback is better when you pair it with Recognition & Rewards and Surveys & Insights. All available within one integrated platform.

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