What I learned at DisruptHR Toronto

What I learned at DisruptHR Toronto

December 14, 2016 | Rob Catalano

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I attended my third DisruptHR event tonight, first one in Toronto. If you’re not familiar with DisruptHR – definitely check it out. With the plethora of events and conferences out there, we all struggle to choose where we to spend our valuable time, but this is a disruptive conference (ugh, sorry, I had to) that’s fun, entertaining, educational and just a great experience as an attendee.

On top of that, it is affordable and easily accessible on one evening rather than a whole day event that disrupts (boooooo!) my work day.  The way it works is ten quick 5-minute talks of how we should be disrupting HR. It’s quick, engaging, and fun. You’ll also get to network with like-minded disruptors and speakers that hang out and are accessible, rather than the ones collecting their cheques and jumping into the car running outside to take them away.

I learned some amazing things listening to the speakers tonight. It is WAY better than hearing someone drone on for an hour. I loved them all, and wanted to reflect on what I learned from each one of them to take back to my personal life and the WorkTango family.

@RoyTranHR – bring the right talent into your organization and set the right expectation with talent. Stop dating top talent, start making meaningful relationships.

Amanda Caldas – Really got me thinking about neuroscience and how to frame change management positively to employees, because the emotional impact we can make on employees is just as powerful as physical ones.

@LoriPearlstein – The world of improv, and it’s true how improv empowers you, promotes teams and helps you adapt to change around you (except that blowing bubbles girl – geez! 😉

@NoelWebb – the AI revolution…. but whatever, more importantly he jumped off the balcony at the Masonic temple during a Rage concert! Respect!

@lunch_buddy – Ryan Porter – job ads are stuc

k in the 90s… and he’s right! Stop copying & pasting, reverse engineer your job ad to your best employee and don’t make it look like a Microsoft 1995 word doc!

@DeniseKRoy – imposter syndrome is not about misrepresentation – enough said. I think a lot of us suffer from this!

@SergeyKalnish – we put people on ‘probation’ – loved your definition of what probation really means!! I agree… let’s call it integration! Oh, and cheers to Drake shoutout 🙂

@jayg_ink – Jason Gotwalt, loved the concept of how a champion mindset = springboard resilience, and stress usually has held all of us back! Mindset wins championships… and great companies!

@JoseCabralTO – All about those generations! Don’t look at people the same… remember… look at the beans closely 😉

@JeffWaldmanHR – persevere! And kick ass!! Amen buddy.

Hats off to the DisruptHR Toronto team for creating an awesome event.

And while we’re at it, there were about 250 people there tonight… any of you mind sharing what your biggest takeaways were? I would love to hear it, and I’m sure the rest of the community would love to as well.

Rob Catalano

Rob Catalano

Rob Catalano is WorkTango’s Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer. Rob has spent the last 17 years building HR Technology companies.