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This is the 3rd in a 4-part blog series laying out WorkTango’s predictions for 2023.

In this Q&A session, WorkTango’s CEO Patrick Manzo, Rob Catalano, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, and Monique McDonough, Chief Operating Officer tell us what role they see Leadership Enablement playing in the new year:


1) How can people leaders and managers succeed in 2023? What obstacles will they be up against?


Employee burnout, employer productivity paranoia, and unusually low employee retention numbers are constantly making headlines. In order to tune out the noise and focus on impact in 2023, leaders need to: 

  • Listen to employees. People are more comfortable than I’ve ever seen vocalizing their opinions and sharing their struggles. Leaders must be willing to lean in early, before any warning signs can be seen, and provide intervention and support.
  • Practice ruthless prioritization. We need to be intentional in the identification and prioritization of the most critical work. Leaders must clarify priorities and empower employees in a manner that builds confidence and ensures both people and organizations perform at their best.
  • Recognize contributions. Employees perform better when they know their work is having an impact. Managers need to publicly and privately recognize employees’ efforts and contributions.



The future of work demands a move away from annual cadences (think: once-a-year engagement surveys and performance reviews), because it’s much harder to build engagement under those circumstances. Leaders must build rhythm and rituals into their practice. Given the burgeoning threat of burnout, empathy and autonomy will be critical alongside finding the right vehicles to over-communicate through. Alignment on goals is important so everyone is on the same page, and recognition is an intrinsic motivator in the leadership toolbox.


2) What opportunities can help employees, specifically senior leaders and executives, improve their leadership skills – especially in the current hybrid work setting?


What senior leaders and executives can do is train on empathy and DE&I concepts, as well as work to better understand feedback mechanisms that support psychological safety. Senior leaders should champion company purpose and support an environment of well-being to prevent burnout.

Merrily McGugan

Merrily McGugan

Merrily McGugan is Vice President of Brand & Communications at WorkTango, where she leads a team responsible for building the company's brand awareness through public relations, content strategy and production.