Employee Voice Branding Recognition Awards

Employee Voice Branding Recognition Awards

January 11, 2019 | WorkTango

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Employee Voice Branding Recognition Awards


What is Employee Voice Branding? 

It’s when you personalize and brand your Employee Voice initiatives specifically for your particular people and culture. It can be a motto, a tagline, or a funky survey name that holds more meaning for your employees than “2019 Engagement Survey”. It adds depth and color, and it brings your workforce to life.

Here at WorkTango, we applaud this kind of creativity and forward – thinking. It encourages inclusion and ingenuity, and it’s a great way to ensure that listening and acting on employee feedback is part of the fabric of an organization.

This is why each year, we look at all the wonderful things our customers are doing for their people, and we highlight those that really stand out.  We love it when companies go above and beyond to create Employee Voice branding, especially when it represents a particular approach to employee engagement through named or branded engagement initiatives. 

We’ve seen so many good things happening in this category that we couldn’t choose just one champion. So here are two winners for this year’s Top Organization for Employee Voice Branding, in alphabetical order:


Jam3: TRPOBi – The Relentless Pursuit of Better Initiative

Jam3 is a design and experience agency that partners with forward-thinking brands from around the world. They combine creativity and technology to drive meaningful engagement and bring a deep commitment to the quality of their work and their clients’ experience. They believe in delivering results that matter and they get there by making the coolest technology feel more human – to occupy the sweet spot between empathy and awesomeness.

Why they chose to brand their initiative as “TRPOBi”

The Relentless Pursuit of Better is their company approach, and the testament they live by. Here is how they introduced the initiative to their employees in an email:

Introducing TRPOBi!

Aka: The Relentless Pursuit of Better Initiative

You’ve heard us use the term ‘the Relentless Pursuit of Better’ over the past year. We discovered it’s the thing that ignites our passions and ultimately what drives us to want to continually improve everything from what we do for clients to our own internal processes.

To help us continually be better we want to invest in a continuous process of listening and feedback. You all have a voice here and our goal is to regularly take in all your feedback to better understand which areas to improve Jam3 year over year.


Pizza Pizza: pie Talk

With a growing menu selection and restaurant network, Pizza Pizza continues to serve all flavor profiles for people on-the-go who are not willing to compromise taste for quality and balanced options. Always the best food, made especially for you,” is in their D.N.A. – it’s paramount in everything that they do.

Why they chose to brand their employee voice initiative as “pie talk”

“Upon launching the program we knew it was important to pick a name that would resonate across all lines of business instead of sounding like a generic HR initiative.  Being in the Pizza business we thought that “pie talk” was a fun, catchy phrase that people could easily identify with and remember.  Furthermore “pie” is an acronym for our corporate strategy planks of “profitability, innovation and engagement”  So in essence “pie talk” represents internal communications that are fundamental to the success of our business.”
~ Chuck Farrell, Vice President, Human Resources at Pizza Pizza Limited.


We’re excited for these customers as they continue to excel in employee success and build amazing employee experiences.



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