Turn Up Your Career. 26 Unmissable HR Podcasts

Turn Up Your Career. 26 Unmissable HR Podcasts

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Ready to crank up the volume on your career? Get plugged into the conversations, challenges, and questions shaping the work landscape with these 26 workplace and HR podcasts.

Spanning industry trends, DE&I initiatives, wellness, recruitment, and more, consider this your one-stop-shop for all things HR — now coming to you at the speed of sound.

HR industry trends and shop talk

1. All Things Work

Listen in on interviews with top HR professionals and SHRM’s expert VP of Editorial, Tony Lee. Episodes also cover trends and stories from the workplace and the world of HR.

2. Capital-H

Deloitte’s Human Capital podcast series puts people at the center of work. Learn from data-driven research and get insights on navigating change in the workplace from the experts.

Widely varied topics deep-dive into automation, meaningful work for military spouses, building teams and leaders, and more.

3. HBR IdeaCast

Looking to learn about business trends, challenges, and innovations that both include and go beyond the immediate HR realm? The Harvard Business Review’s HBR IdeaCast throws a wide and comprehensive net, covering everything from coaching and workplace distractions to climate change.

4. Honest HR

This podcast from industry leader SHRM gets real about HR and organizations. Explore a diverse range of topics such as veteran-hiring, social media, how to talk to your C-suite, talent management, and more, curated by host Callie Zipple’s expert hand.

5. HR Happy Hour

Lively, conversational and challenging — but fun — the HR Happy Hour focuses on workplace challenges like recruiting, social media, career management, and much, much more.

6. HR Risk Podcast

This podcast is just what it sounds like: an exploration of what can go wrong in the workplace, and how to handle it from an HR perspective.

7. Workplace Greatness

This freshly launched podcast out of Great Place to Work Canada opens conversations with HR professionals, managers, and other experts about everything you can do to make your workplace, well, great. Touches on mental health, inclusion, innovation, and more.

8. The Workplace Lab

This Dinner Party Download-style podcast likens itself to “having an HR person in your back pocket.” The show’s hosts explore workplace issues with an eye toward helping employees and organizations thrive.

Culture deep dives

9. Awesome Office

Sean Kelly’s culture-based podcast for the Association of Workplace Engagement has since been rolled into the brand-and-workplace-focused podcast Brand Builder. But with more than 130 culture-based interviews and features, the archives are worth going back for.

10. Inspired: Leadership, Culture and the Evolving Workplace 

Join the conversation about leadership, culture, and the future of work. This podcast features in-depth interviews about the stories, policies, and decisions that define workplace culture today.

11. Make It Thrive

Culture consultant Lizzie Benton takes the reins in this inspiring podcast. Benton talks with employees and organizations about what makes culture thrive and how to create company culture.

12. What Culture Could Be

Dive in with co-founder and former YouEarnedIt CEO Autumn Manning. Manning has been hailed as the “champion of corporate culture” of tech start-up hotbed, Austin, TX. Learn about best practices and big failures from Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and everything between.

13. #WorkTrends

Preparing for the “perfect HR storm”? Want guidance on your D&I journey? This weekly podcast and Twitter chat open conversation with leading HR experts and HR tech vendors about what inspires them, plus industry news.

Diversity and inclusion

14. Battle Tactics for Your Sexist Workplace

The name may seem tongue-in-cheek. But KUOW hosts Jeannie Yandel and Eula Scott Bynoe treat their subject matter (ending sexism in the workplace) with utmost seriousness. Learn tactics for being a better ally, how to not be “that guy” in the workplace, and why you should check yourself before going public about why you quit a job.

15. Code Switch

In the hosts’ words, “Ever find yourself in a conversation about race and identity where you just get… stuck?” Funny, sometimes uncomfortable, and always honest. Code Switch from NPR, hosted by journalists of color, is here to help you navigate hard conversations about race and identity.

16. DiverCity

This London-based podcast focuses on DE&I initiatives and best practices. They bring in some of Britain’s best minds to join the debate.

17. Diversonomics

From international law firm Gowling WLG comes a comprehensive DE&I podcast. Diversonomics explores topics like being an ally, putting DE&I goals into action, unconscious bias, and more.

18. The Future of Work

How will your organization meet the human capital challenges of the future? Futurist Jacob Morgan poses this question to CHROs, CEOs, CIOs, and others. This podcast examines what the future of work looks like, and how to meet human needs in the workplace.

19. The Will to Change

Best-selling author and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) thought-leader Jennifer Brown’s podcast. Each week, Brown sits down one-on-one with business leaders and DE&I practitioners. Their interviews explore topics like the business case for DE&I, how men can (and should) be allies in the workplace, and more.

20. Women at Work

This Harvard Business Review podcast features conversations about the workplace and women’s place in it. It’s hosted by three female HBR editors and authors. Their expertise includes workplace dynamics, emotional intelligence, and new research in gender, diversity, and health care.

Hiring and recruiting

21. EmploYAY

This biweekly podcast is packed with interviews. They spotlight unique employment situations, and questions like, what are alternative ways to find a new job? And how can organizations adapt recruiting strategies in response to nonlinear careers? Guests include HR professionals, recruiters, and recruitment thought leaders.

22. Talk Talent to Me

Sneak a peek at what the top talent acquisition and recruitment minds in the industry are thinking. This is Hired.com’s premier recruiting podcast.

Conflict resolution

23. Dear HBR

Having trouble with a coworker? Looking to brush up on your conflict resolution skills? Check out Dear HBR. It’s the Harvard Business Review’s advice podcast for resolving listeners’ workplace dilemmas


Wellness and mental health

24. My Pocket Psych

This podcast dives into workplace psychology. From the effect of using analog tools in a digital world (and leaving your phone at home) to addiction, the power of play, surviving business travel, and more.

25. Thrive Health & Wellness Tips

Thrive’s quick-hits health podcast shares weekday tips to keep your work community healthy and happy. These one-minute episodes feature injuries, inflammation, immune health, and more.

26. WellBites

The Michigan Wellness Council’s podcast is a resource for a healthier workforce. That’s because they share leading workplace wellness strategies and education.

You’re in good company

We hope this list of HR podcasts was helpful. Because we admit it. When it comes to HR and the workplace, we’re all in.



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