We've unified Kazoo + WorkTango under one new brand identity: WorkTango.

It’s the employee experience you’ve been waiting for!

Our Virtues

WorkTango doesn’t have a mission, because missions end. Instead, we have a Passion: to improve (work) lives. We also have virtues instead of values. Our virtues help us focus on our goal.

Hi, we're WorkTango.

At WorkTango, we have built a workplace that offers passion, growth, connection, inspiration and fun. Our passion to improve (work) lives informs our day-to-day decision making and is the key to our success.

However, our culture is also built on respect, diversity and a commitment to fairness and equality. The ancient Japanese Samurai created a culture code of virtues instead of values, as values are what you believe, whereas virtues are what you do. And so here at WorkTango, we embrace five core virtues to keep us on the right track.

We champion our passion.

A consistent focus on our Passion to improve (work) lives with innovative products and services is the key to success for our company, customers, and broader community.

We cultivate raving fans.

We deliver customer experiences that delight. If our customers aren’t raving about our people and products, then we have not achieved the level we strive for.

We pursue mastery.

We have an unquenchable thirst for personal and professional growth. We do not accept the status quo – we are continually learning and improving.

We work together, and tango together.

We work and play hard as a team, with the utmost respect for each other. We collaborate with one another. Ultimately, we win and lose together.

We encourage everyone to be 1000% you.

We bring our authentic selves to work. Diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and opinions are embraced and encouraged at WorkTango.

Passionate about making work better?

You’ll fit right in… and we’re hiring! Join our team and discover a meaningful career in an inclusive, diverse environment.