The WorkTango Difference

There are several providers out there and they often sound alike.
Here’s what our customers say that makes us different.


Employee centric software that leverages cutting-edge people analytics, A.I., and natural language processing technology – combined with a pleasant and easy-to-use experience.  Our highly configurable platform delivers the unique needs of our customers while offering innovative features – for example, the ability to interact and have anonymous conversations with comments from surveys.

SaaS – Software AND a Service

We don’t throw technology over the fence and check-in at the end of the year. Customers see WorkTango as an extension of their HR or People Analytics team.  Whether it’s Expert Advisory Support with our Data Science or Organizational Development team, support in action or up-skilling leaders, or our unmatched Customer Support that includes live phone, email and chat for all administrators and users… it’s a big reason why our Net Promoter Score is in the 80s.


We offer the ability to gather insights across the entire employee lifecycle from onboarding surveys to exit surveys and any initiative in-between.  Our People Science Team offers correlative and predictive insight from the data we collect, as well as layering on any business KPIs for further analysis… all in a language you can understand.


There is no such thing as feedback fatigue, there is only ‘lack of action’ fatigue.  The workplace is more agile, and so is our approach to employee listening. We offer real-time insights to leaders to enable them with the agility to absorb insights, up-skill leaders through education in our platform or in leadership workshops, and automate recommended actions toward changing leader behaviors.


You are only as great as the company you keep – WorkTango is all about building a community where HR and business leaders can be inspired and thrive. Customers can access our in-person and virtual events, our free webinar series, access to best-practice conversations and forums, and actually have influence on our vision as part of our product advisory council.


We focus on collecting employee feedback and helping companies act… nothing else. We are not distracted by other HR functions or gathering feedback from your customers.  We are laser-focused on helping companies measure and understand employee sentiment throughout the entire employee lifecycle, and leverage data to define and support the right actions at both the company and leader level.


Each company is unique and complex… that is where we thrive.  WorkTango customers operate in over 100 countries and in 40+ localized languages. We offer the agility and configurability that is required by our customers both small and large, while offering enterprise level security, scalability, integrations and expertise.

No Surprise costs

We offer the most value from our platform, without the surprise of future costs:

  • Unlimited surveyswhy pay more to understand sentiment of your employees
  • Unlimited administratorsyou can add 10 or 10,000 administrators or leaders – it’s the same cost
  • Unlimited customizationdon’t pay more to customize the language you prefer and the questions you need to ask
  • All features included – what you see on our platform page is what you get. Our customers don’t pay more for access to valuable features.
  • Expert advice and support – our costs include all implementation, access to experts, and support for every administrator on the platform. 

Our goal is to ensure our customers LOVE their WorkTango experience… and our only focus is to wow and surprise you with the value you receive and our unmatched support.