[On-Demand] How to Lead in the Infinite Game with Stephen Shedletzky

How do you stay ahead in a game with no end?

In this on-demand webinar  you’ll understand:

  • How games like football are finite, with firm rules and clear endpoints. But business is infinite.
  • How to rethink your perspective to out-maneuver, out-innovate, and outlast your competitors

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Stephen Shedletzky

Leads the Brand Experience team

Stephen Shedletzky engages with people in meaningful ways so that we connect with depth and live in a more fulfilled world. With a knack for sharing the right words at the right moment, he delivers evidence-based content in a provocative and humorous way.

Feeling stifled on his corporate track, Stephen was struck by Simon Sinek’s vision of a more inspired, safe and fulfilled world. He joined Sinek’s team in 2012. What started as a position answering fan email, Stephen now leads the Brand Experience team to ensure the team’s internal culture, every product and communication authentically reflects the organization’s most deeply-held beliefs.

Rob Catalano

Rob co-founder WorkTango

Rob Catalano is passionate about helping companies succeed – by leveraging technology to make employees successful. With his unique experience in HR Technology as a founding employee at Achievers, Rob co-founded WorkTango – software that helps give employees a voice and companies actionable insight.