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2023 State of the Workforce

Spotlight on Employee Engagement

A whopping 62% of organizations believe employee engagement is crucial to business success. Unfortunately however, only 1 in 10 companies say the majority of their employees are highly engaged.

Performance and engagement go hand in hand – when one suffers, the other will shortly follow. So what can HR leaders do to improve the employee experience and boost employee engagement?

In this webinar, WorkTango’s Head of People & Culture and Chief Operating Officer Monique McDonough presents new research on the state of the workforce in 2023, before diving into five proven ways organizations can boost engagement and deliver an extraordinary employee experience.

Watch today to discover:

  • Top techniques used to measure employee engagement
  • Best practices for sharing engagement data with your organization
  • How comprehensive recognition and rewards tie into engagement
  • The unique role leaders have when it comes to employee engagement
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Monique McDonough

Head of People & Culture and Chief Operating Officer @ WorkTango

Monique McDonough is Chief Operating Officer at WorkTango where she leads people & culture, customer success, sales, and the business operations teams. Prior to joining WorkTango, Monique served as managing vice president at Gartner. She has more than 20 years of experience in operations, sales, client management, and marketing for high-growth technology companies and Fortune 500 organizations. Monique holds a BBA and BSJ from Ohio University and an MBA from Duke University.