Schoox Builds Culture & Achieves 99% Compliance Training Completion in Just 10 Days with Employee Experience Platform

Schoox Builds Culture & Achieves 99% Compliance Training Completion in Just 10 Days with Employee Experience Platform

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Build Culture, Incentivize compliance training

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For years, Schoox focused on product innovation and overall growth. However, once it reached a certain size, the organization needed to formalize people processes, build out their HR tech stack, and focus more heavily on employee recognition, goal-setting and culture. Schoox team members spanned 4 generations, and employees were distributed across Greece and the United States, which led to certain culture divides.

In 2022, Schoox decided that strengthening their culture was a critical priority for their organization. Schoox wanted to improve employee engagement, centralize recognition and praise in one location, and help team members trust more in their workplace and show up as their authentic selves every day. To help bring the organization together and establish a unified culture of appreciation and recognition, Schoox launched WorkTango’s Recognition & Rewards and Goals & Feedback solutions.


Schoox set out to optimize its approach to employee recognition, rewards, goals, feedback and surveys. The organization wanted a solution that:

  • Could integrate processes, technology and tools to create one cohesive experience for its employees and cut down on duplication and tool sprawl
  • Was a light lift in terms of weekly administration time
  • Could integrate with its single sign-on vendor, as well as appear as part of teams’ daily workflow within their existing productivity tools
  • A Recognition & Rewards solution that could accommodate a wide array of local Rewards for Greece-based employees, as well as U.S.-based employees, and that could also be customized for their specific company
  • Could incorporate their company values into the Recognition & Rewards experience, and incentivize actions important to their values, such as taking time off and prioritizing employee wellbeing.

WorkTango provided Schoox with one centralized location for employee Recognition & Rewards, company and individual goal-setting and feedback, and sharing of company values — regardless of employee location or age. “WorkTango is incredibly easy to use,” said Schoox’s Chief People & Culture Officer, Matthew Brown. “The platform is one of the places our employees go every day. It has been one of the handful of unifying tools Schoox uses internally where, even with the wide range of ages we have on our teams, it doesn’t prevent any sort of interaction or create a barrier to entry for anyone.”

“WorkTango was a first for us in a lot of ways. And it really helped us knock down walls,” continued Brown. “It was the first third-party company-wide platform that we have deployed that is an active engagement platform. It provides employees with a reason to log in every day, and not just go there only when HR tells you to go there.”

WorkTango also makes it easy to recognize employees publicly, or privately. This is beneficial for employees who may feel uncomfortable in the public eye, but who still are delivering great work. Implementing WorkTango also instantly increased the visibility of Schoox’s company values.

WorkTango offers the ability for organizations to load their company values into the platform, to use as tags on individual Recognitions. As soon as the platform went live, employees began tagging Recognitions with an associated Schoox company value. Brown was delighted. When the company introduced new values in 2023, “WorkTango made it easy for employees to attach a value to each Recognition they sent, and that really helped our new values gain traction.”

Schoox also chose to utilize Incentives from WorkTango to reward employees for taking a mental health day, completing physical activity, or taking a break during the workday. The team has seen a rapid increase in employees taking 15-minute breaks throughout the day, and completing physical activity, as a result of incentivizing these important activities.

WorkTango also proved to be particularly effective when it came to enforcing compliance training and motivating people to invest in their own development. “We all have compliance training that we have to do, security awareness training, etc.,” said Brown. “Unfortunately, usually these are an exercise in futility, because you end up chasing names on a list and nobody completes the training on time. It’s the ‘compliance training’ mandate that has shaped how people think about their own development at work. Many will stay in a passive stance, waiting for someone to tell them to go take training, rather than feeling free to explore on their own.”

“Well, we decided to try something different. ‘Let’s incentivize folks through WorkTango and see if it makes a difference.’ For compliance training, we gave employees a 3-week window to complete the mandatory training, and in just 10 days we saw 99% compliance.”

Schoox is also utilizing Goals & Feedback from WorkTango to set regular manager-employee Check-Ins and to help collect Feedback. Schoox views the platform as helping to facilitate the right conversations “without over-engineering anything.” Goals & Feedback provides Schoox with a way to set regular checkpoints on projects, make sure that employees are communicating effectively and collaborating in the right ways, and to prevent anything from falling through the cracks. The built-in functionality “provides managers with the support they need to keep monthly conversations with employees focused where it’s most important and impactful.”


99% of employees completed mandatory security training within 10 days thanks to Incentives
983% increase in training hours completed per month (from 50 hours per month to 650 hours per month)
1,800 average learning hours completed per quarter
52,000 Recognition points sent within first 30 days of platform being live