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Marketing and advertising

500 employees

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Meredith struggled with high employee turnover and a cultural identity crisis.

In an industry with a 30% turnover rate, digital ad agency Meredith had to engage its employees to decrease flight risk. A strong culture was the key to success — but Meredith’s cultural disconnect from its parent company was a steep challenge.


Meredith used Kazoo [now WorkTango] to foster a unique culture of appreciation centered around its core values — and cut its turnover in half.

To define and strengthen its distinct company culture, Meredith tailored the look and feel of the Kazoo [now WorkTango] platform. Engagement with the platform hit a stunning 96% as employees shared real-time, peer-to-peer recognition and earned rewards reflecting Meredith’s values.


At WorkTango, we’re revolutionizing how the world’s most forward-thinking companies engage and inspire their people. We offer the only Employee Experience Platform that enables meaningful recognition and rewards, supports alignment through goal setting and feedback, and offers actionable insights through employee surveys.

WorkTango is built for the workplace we all want to be a part of – where priorities become clear, achievements are celebrated, and employees have a voice. So if you’re ready to improve (work) lives, schedule a demo today.

“As an HR person, I know employee engagement is more than just a buzzword. It’s going to drive our organization’s financial success.”
— Steve Pope,  Director of HR, Meredith

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