BraunAbility Lifts Employee Engagement with Recognition & Rewards and Surveys & Insights Platform

BraunAbility Lifts Employee Engagement with Recognition & Rewards and Surveys & Insights Platform

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Complicated processes were an issue for BraunAbility. When it came to recognizing and rewarding employees beyond verbal thanks, BraunAbility’s managers found it onerous to find the right solution, such as shopping for ad hoc rewards or other means, and the company’s view was that “If it’s not easy it’s not going to happen.” BraunAbility believed a simple, digital solution could increase employee recognition and make it more timely. The ability to facilitate peer-to-peer recognition was a top consideration as well.

Additionally, the employee engagement survey tool used by the global manufacturer “felt like a 500-question manifesto”. The third-party vendor’s questionnaire was too long, took a significant amount of time to gear up, was taxing for employees to complete, and a logistical burden to administer in a manufacturing environment. Moreover, BraunAbility then sat in a vacuum waiting for results to be tallied and reports to be tabled to guide next steps.


BraunAbility’s leadership knew there had to be a better solution, and soon after they engaged with WorkTango’s Recognition & Rewards solution to put recognition and rewards in the hands of each employee. The platform and its peer-to-peer recognition capabilities quickly caught on, and the Company’s recognition engagement rate increased 5%. 

To tackle employee engagement survey challenges, simplicity was an imperative. This led BraunAbility to WorkTango’s Surveys & Insights solution. The platform’s QR code feature made it simple for employees to scan and answer questions on their personal device at a time and place convenient to them, which was critical in a manufacturing environment. Participation notably improved.  

Moreover, the ability to create and administer pulse surveys in-house, get results in real-time, and give managers access to those insights, has meant meaningful inroads across all levels of the organization. With access to their team’s people analytics, management’s accountability for employee experience increased.


5% increase in recognition engagement scores. This recognition rate is important, the company’s Senior VP of Human Resources & Organization Development explains, because the Company realizes and values that someone who feels appreciated will always go above and beyond.  At BraunAbility, like most businesses, employee discretionary effort is a key enabler and has helped make the Company successful over the years.  

56% employee engagement survey response rate. With the ability to compile and share real-time results, BraunAbilty expects response rates will continue to climb as people understand their voice is being heard and actions are being taken as a result of their input.

Introduction of Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) and Inclusion Index data capture. Establishing these initial benchmarks and monitoring progress over time are guiding actions that are creating a better employee experience.

Ability to integrate and correlate data gives clarity. This comes out of WorkTango’s Recognition & Rewards and Surveys & Insights platform across BraunAbility’s business-to-business borders including its retail business, corporate division, and manufacturing arm. Insights inform goals, strategies and actions.

About BraunAbility

BraunAbility is the world’s leading manufacturer of mobility transportation solutions, including wheelchair accessible vehicles, wheelchair lifts and seating, storage and securement products. Founded nearly 50 years ago by Ralph Braun, an entrepreneur who spent most of his life in a wheelchair, the company has grown into the most well-known and trusted name in the mobility industry, bringing independence to millions of individuals across the world. BraunAbility is a wholly owned subsidiary of Patricia Industries, a division of Investor AB Group. Visit for more information.

“If your employees can maneuver through social media, they’ll easily be able to use WorkTango’s Recognition & Rewards and Surveys & Insights software. We can see results every day, in real-time. The solutions are attainable, affordable, and easy to integrate into your company especially with the level of support behind this platform. Would I recommend WorkTango? I already have, many times.”
— Cyndi Garnett,  Senior VP of Human Resources & Organization Development

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Ability to integrate and correlate data across all lines of business

Introduction of Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) and Inclusion Index data capture