Employee Recognition Calendar

Employee Recognition Calendar

At WorkTango, we believe in the power of recognizing and appreciating the hard work of employees every single day. That said, we also know that teams get busy. We’ve created this special Employee Recognition Calendar designed to remind your team members to celebrate and send Recognition to each other each day throughout the month.

Encourage employees and managers to look at each day and send Recognition to someone who fits the description on that day. To further enhance engagement and appreciation, download our template and make your own for next month.


Download your customizable Recognition Calendar template and add any of these suggested extra ways to send Recognition.

Send Recognition to someone for:

  • Mentoring a co-worker
  • Someone that is not in your department
  • Someone you don’t work with often
  • Completing training
  • Hitting a target or goal before the end of quarter
  • Completing a project under budget
  • Maintaining a perfect safety record for X days
  • Implementing a new process to boost efficiency
  • Going the extra mile
  • Showcasing exemplary innovation or creativity
  • Living company values
  • Showcasing strong adaptability or resilience
  • Putting on a successful event
  • Doing something healthy for themselves outside of work
  • Recognition for something outside of a peer’s work life
  • Having a positive attitude during a challenging time
  • Consistently producing outstanding results
  • Supporting or mentoring you
  • Continuously learning or growing
  • Showing immense or consistent improvement in work
  • Showcasing customer excellence
  • Doing something that the employee doesn’t typically get Recognition for
  • Receiving praise from a customer
  • Receiving praise from an outside department or individual
  • Bringing value to the organization or department in any way
  • Bringing joy or happiness in a meeting
  • Showing a good example to co-workers or peers
  • Owning an initiative completely from start to finish

At WorkTango, we’re revolutionizing how the world’s most forward-thinking companies engage and inspire their people. We offer the only holistic Employee Experience Platform built for the modern workplace that enables meaningful recognition and rewards and offers actionable insights through employee surveys.

WorkTango is built for the workplace we all want to be a part of – where priorities become clear, achievements are celebrated, and employees have a voice. So if you’re ready to improve (work) lives, schedule a demo today.