WorkTango Hosts Leadership Speaker, Author & Coach Stephen Shedletzky for May Work Culture Webinar

Author of Speak-Up Culture to cover leadership techniques that encourage and reward a culture of honest feedback and idea-sharing

AUSTIN, TX, March 22, 2023 — WorkTango, a SaaS-based employee experience technology company, today announced that registration is open for their May Work Culture webinar featuring Stephen Shedletzky. Shedletzky is a sought-after workplace wellbeing speaker, author and coach who has conducted hundreds of keynote presentations, workshops and leadership development programs around the world. As a thought leader on psychological safety in the workplace, Shedletzky supports leaders and organizations in all industries where human beings work. He is the author of the forthcoming book, Speak-Up Culture, to be published in October 2023.

Poor leadership behaviors within the workplace often result in toxic cultures and a decline in organizational performance. Shedletzky believes that taking a human-centered approach to leadership, and building a workplace environment in which employees deem it safe to speak up, is vital to the long-term success of any organization. In this webinar, Shedletzky will demonstrate what “speak-up culture” is, the importance of it, and why creating such an environment is the responsibility and the advantage of every good leader who wants to become great.

“When your employees fall silent, it can be a dangerous sign. It’s imperative that – as a leader who cares about and wants successful business outcomes with their employees – you learn to listen to team members, respect what they say, act on their feedback, and appreciate them,” said Stephen Shedletzky. “In my webinar with WorkTango, I’ll cover how leaders can build a culture of trust that encourages employees to speak up, and what types of increases in performance and engagement you can expect as a result.”

This webinar is geared towards leaders, managers, and HR professionals of remote or hybrid workplaces who are interested in learning proven techniques to create a culture of psychological safety in which employees feel comfortable speaking up.

Interested attendees can register for the May 17th 11am ET complimentary webinar hosted by WorkTango here.