Kazoo Launches Special Recognition to Support Milestone and Employee Experience Programs

New feature enhances the company's robust Recognition & Rewards solution by giving customers a unique way to expand their employee experience initiatives

AUSTIN, TexasApril 6, 2021Today, Kazoo, the all-in-one employee experience platform, announced the launch of Special Recognition — a flexible recognition and rewards experience to better highlight milestones and drive internal program participation. The company also launched Special Catalogs, an effective rewards framework for managing Special Recognition programs, enabling customers to offer meaningful rewards tailored to a specific employee milestone or company initiative.

Special Recognition enables customers to send individual employee recognition on the company’s behalf for milestone achievements — like birthdays and anniversaries — or business initiatives that can fall outside of traditional recognition — like spot bonus or other company employee experience programs. To ease the administrative burden of managing these programs, Kazoo customers can automate anniversary special recognitions to be triggered once an employee meets the criteria set up by the company.

“Our goal with Special Recognition is to give our customers a seamless experience within Kazoo to operate foundational programs for their business,” said Elizabeth Loucheur, SVP of Product. “By capitalizing on the high employee adoption rate they already have with Kazoo, Special Recognition allows our customers to enhance their Recognition & Rewards programs without incurring additional costs or increasing the amount of time and effort necessary to effectively manage these initiatives.”

As part of Special Recognition, companies can now create Special Catalogs which allow for a more targeted rewards experience that coexists within the traditional Kazoo Rewards and Incentives programs. Special Catalogs introduces tokens — a second rewards currency to the Kazoo platform. Each special catalog a customer creates has its own token type that can be awarded to employees automatically for things like anniversary milestones or on an ad-hoc basis from the company for programs like Employee of the Month. Once awarded, employees can spend their token on one reward from the curated catalog their company has built for them.

In addition, Special Recognition helps to reduce budget overages by giving Kazoo customers greater control over and visibility into employees’ rewards spend. By using Special Catalogs, customers can separate rewards budgets for each catalog, giving them greater control over the cost of items and redemption activity to ensure no more spending surprises. Since Special Recognition and Special Catalogs do not require allocating additional spend, Kazoo customers can now do more with their existing rewards budget.

With over 600 global customers and more than 700,000 end users, Kazoo creates rewarding and purpose-filled workplaces where businesses and people achieve their potential. To learn more about Kazoo, visit www.KazooHR.com.

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