Kazoo Launches New Platform Features to Optimize the Administrator Experience

Company Enhances Real-Time Recognition & Rewards With Cost of Living Adjustment and Reward Manager to Better Support Teams of All Types and Sizes

​Kazoo, the all-in-one Employee Experience Platform, today announced the addition of new features — Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) and Reward Manager — to ease the administrator burden for multinational teams.

With COLA, global organizations now have a simple way to ensure fairness in point redemption for all employees due to the varying standards of living around the world. With the growing number of global organizations looking to better engage their workforce, Kazoo’s COLA feature gives these businesses the flexibility to easily adjust the value of points based on the Cost of Living ratios for specific groups of employees.

“One of our priorities this year is to enhance the administrator experience across the Kazoo platform and today’s launch is just the beginning,” said Sapna Gulati, EVP of product at Kazoo. “By adding features like COLA and Reward Manager to our Real-Time Recognition & Rewards, we’re able to help administrators easily manage and take care of tasks so they can focus on other key areas of their business. As we move into the second half of the year, we’re excited to deliver more features that enable our customers to offer a best-in-class employee experience.”

In addition to COLA, the company also added Reward Manager which allows large, multi-location organizations to give more people the ability to moderate redemptions and update the reward catalog. By sharing the responsibility of reward approval with other trusted leaders and HR business partners, Kazoo’s Reward Manager enables platform administrators to do more in less time with their strategic employee rewards programs.

As the only all-in-one platform bringing together Real-Time Recognition & Rewards, Continuous Performance Management and Employee Engagement Surveys, Kazoo is committed to “Zero UI” by meeting employees where they are, in the technology they’re in every day. As the company continues to expand its product offerings, the focus will remain on creating a platform employees want to use. Over the next few months, the company will strengthen the Kazoo platform with updates to its UI/UX and enhanced people analytics capabilities.

Kazoo’s integrated employee experience platform increases productivity, retention and revenue while enabling companies to build purpose-driven cultures of high engagement and high performance. With over 600 global customers and more than 600,000 end users, Kazoo creates rewarding workplaces where businesses and people achieve their potential. To learn more about Kazoo, visit www.KazooHR.com.

About Kazoo

Kazoo combines what people want with what companies need in one easy-to-use platform that celebrates every win and brings workplaces to life. Organizations thrive when employees are empowered to take ownership of their work, when they can see the bigger picture and know how they fit within the collective success of their team and company. Experience the joy of when work is working with Kazoo’s unique combination of Recognition & Rewards, Performance Management and Engagement Surveys. Learn why Kazoo is the platform of choice for people-first companies at KazooHR.com.