Boost logistics employee retention and engagement with WorkTango

WorkTango’s award-winning employee experience solution helps logistics and transportation organizations create highly engaged workforces.

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Boost logistics employee retention and engagement with WorkTango

The Employee Experience platform of choice for the logistics & transportation industry

Surveys & Insights

Gather insights across the entire logistics employee lifecycle

  • Get diagnostic feedback across the entire logistics employee lifecycle with customizable survey templates for onboarding, development, engagement, DE&I, and off-boarding
  • Measure engagement with research-backed questions designed by I/O Psychologists and analyze trends by group, location, department, team and more
  • Empower HR or leaders to view dashboards to improve company culture and employee NPS (eNPS)
  • Automatically generate Action Plans to help improve any specific issues surfaced in surveys
Heatmap from WorkTango's Employee Surveys & Insights tool to support analyzing survey data and identifying trends.

Address employee feedback while maintaining confidentiality

Recognition & Rewards

Encourage key values and behaviors for logistics and transportation employees

  • Empower employees and supervisors to send public or private recognition, with or without points
  • Display recognition on television screens in warehouses to amplify reach
  • Build a culture of appreciation and ensure key values permeate to all employees in any environment (in warehouse, on the road, or in-office)
Amazon bag, boarding pass for a flight to London, and Bose headphones.

Incentivize & reward key employee behaviors

Motivate colleagues and build community with WorkTango

WorkTango established clear and simple training, and roped in key stakeholders at every level to ensure a high level of employee engagement and success at each of our many locations. The software has been very, very effective.

Cheryl Johnson
Chief Human Resources Officer
Echo Global Logistics

WorkTango is a crucial component of our Rewards & Recognition program. It has sparked camaraderie amongst our middle to senior management teams, and junior level staff. Our staff gets really excited about the rewards, and use the platform on a daily basis. WorkTango helps employees feel more engaged with each other, and also validated in their work.

Kendell Kelton
North American Communication Manager

WorkTango is a great team-building tool. Instead of having Team Leads recognize their teams only and perhaps falling prey to favoritism, we all get to recognize each other – whoever we feel deserves it.

WorkTango User

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